A 360º Award Management experience

Collect, review, nominate, judge and manage applications for your corporate awards.

Awards Illustration
Award Applications

Award applications made easy

A super flexible platform that fits with your award application needs, workflows, and brand. You can create a custom webpage for your award applicants to complete a custom smart form — giving you the information you need to be a fair judge. You can even import award applicants from your emails so that everyone gets the chance to get up on stage.

  • Branded webpages
  • Smart forms
  • Automated responses
The Optimy Solution is really valuable to us!
Laurence Cuisance Kindraich

Give your judges data and automation

Reading through hundreds of award applications can take a lifetime, trying to see if a candidate meets your award criteria. We’ve simplified this process to save you time by ranking each award application for you! All you have to do is scan your centralized dashboard and view who has the highest score matching your needs.

  • Automatic scoring
  • Automatic filtering
  • Automatic delegation
  • Application ranking
Easy to use, nice UX, reactive support.
Valentine Janssen
Content & Sponsoring manager
Give your judges
Your HQ Awards

Your HQ for award management

Our platform gives you a central HQ to manage all your award operations, from reviewing your nominations to allocating tasks with your team. You have your finger on the pulse of all award activities with your team.

  • Workflow automation
  • Pre and post-sponsor financial process
  • CRM
  • Integrated collaboration
  • Budget
  • Central dashboard
Excellent tool to centralise all of our projects and to have a global view...
Olivier Landry
Communication Manager

And the award goes to ….CSR data

We believe in the power of data and have designed a platform that empowers you to track, measure, and review progress either historically or in a live-view. We also designed our charts so they can tell the story to your team or up on stage.

Real-time dashboards

Application performance

Financial reports

Data exports

Adds real value to our management process, by collecting information and generating tailor-made reports
Joël Brouwers
Sponsorship Director

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Lindsay Cooper, Senior Advisor Community Investment
The Optimy team works very closely with us to help identify solutions within the tool for our programs. Everyone that we have dealt with on the team has been excellent to work with and the transition to the new tool has been seamless.
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