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Powerful add-ons for social impact professionals who want to streamline processes and make data driven decisions.

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A flexible and complete feature set

Create intuitive forms

Capture the information you need, without overwhelming your applicants. Choose answer types, accept file uploads, and more.

Collect applications

Direct applicants to your website where they can easily fill out a form.

Automatic workflows

Put an end to repetitive tasks. Save hours of time by creating automatic processes like: selection, reminders, reviewer permissions, and more.

Grantee evaluation

Provide role based permissions to your team and collaborate with both internal and external reviewers. Maintain track of all the permissions and never miss sights on who is doing what.

Task management

Plan and manage all your team’s tasks inside your solution. Eliminate manual tasks and collaborate with your team. Provide a fully customizable way to transform your task list into automatic workflows.

Payment schedule

Keeping up with payments of your grant-making activities can be tricky. But the process can be painless with good software. This feature allows you to manage and keep track of all your payments easily.

Budget tracking

Staying on top of your outcomes and maintaining control of your expenses is for sure important when managing social impact projects. With this functionality, you can overview how much money has been allocated for each project and make sure you are within your budget.

Digital e-signatures

Provide a seamless and intuitive signing experience and accelerate business cycles while managing documents centrally with DocuSign eSignature.


Frequently Asked Questions

Capture the information you need, without overwhelming your applicants. Choose answer types, accept file uploads, and more.

How many languages are available?

Optimy is available in 23 languages, and... counting. Use the flexibility of Optimy to free your impact from borders and never worry about language barriers.

How much time is needed for the set up?

The usual set up time needed and recommended is 6 to 8 weeks, during which our Customer Success team helps you customize the platform to your needs. We're also flexible so we can help you move faster if you have emergencies.

Do you offer a full set up service?

We have designed Optimy as a ready-to-use and intuitive technology. Of course, we're here all along to provide you with the best support, advices and set up assistance. Our Customer Success team is a team of passionate impact experts and is dedicated to make your projects a complete success story.


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