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At Optimy, we believe that supporting all people and promoting inclusion across our business and society makes the world a better place. With offices in Brussels and Toronto, we offer the world’s most configurable social impact platform that enables any organization to manage and align its grant, volunteering, donation, and sponsorship programs. More than 350 companies and organizations from all over the world, including the National Lottery, the UEFA Foundation for Children, and the Michelin Foundation, save time and energy as they work to amplify their positive impact. Today, our clients use Optimy to manage over 1.5M projects in more than 22 languages across 30 countries.

Our social impact strategy focuses on having a positive impact on our customers, employees, communities, and our environment through long-term projects. As part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Optimy helps involve more participants in the decision-making process while maintaining transparency and efficiency.  Download our 2022 Social Impact Report and learn more about how Optimy makes a very palpable, lasting, and international impact!

Social impact

We give back to the communities where we live and work, with two volunteering events throughout the year as well as smaller volunteering campaigns. Optimy encourages its employees to engage in internal volunteering projects. Some examples of the initiatives are cleaning parks and supporting different local associations.


We organize our own events cleaning public spaces such as local parks, canals, beaches, streets, and forests. We also join in on World Clean Up Day to preserve sensitive ecosystems and local green and water spaces. Being mindful of digital pollution, we are committed to using AWS cloud server services, which reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%. At our office, all documents and invoices are produced digitally, office supplies use recyclable packaging, and reusable lunch boxes and water bottles are encouraged.


We help people in need through donations and volunteering, distributing food and clothing, meal bag collections, etc. We also support nonprofit organizations such as Vrienden der Blinden (training of guide dogs for blind and visually impaired people in Belgium) and La Scientothèque (reduction of social inequalities among young people and education professionals).


Working at Optimy

Our employees are our most important resource. We strive to create a pleasant environment to work in, with an inclusive corporate culture that helps employees know that they are appreciated, and respected and that they have the opportunity to contribute. We offer our teams opportunities for training and professional development and encourage them to get involved in internal volunteering projects such as cleaning parks or supporting different local associations. 

A culture of inclusion and belonging is also a key value at Optimy, and we make sure to get to know each other while having fun. Not even an ocean will prevent us from bonding with colleagues! With more than 15 different nationalities within our teams, this feeling of belonging, regardless of differences and distance, is the best representation of the Optimy vibe!


We can be our authentic selves, and feel comfortable enough to be transparent with those around us. We connect with each other despite our differences and appreciate what others bring to the group in their unique way. We feel like we’re at the right place for us.


People deserve to be treated with respect, so we work hard to only give constructive feedback to employees. We trust our people and give them autonomy to use their strengths to achieve our common goals.


Our team is driven and self-motivated. We believe ownership is the secret to developing the leaders of tomorrow, and we give our employees opportunities to own their success and contribute to corporate goals, no matter their seniority.


Sharing wisdom and perspective in times of crisis helps foster a sense of calm and shared responsibility throughout the organization. We are kind to our people and stress the need to think before reacting, communicating, or acting.


We are open to new challenges and are given the freedom to take risks. At every opportunity, we are curious and open to learning new things. We encourage employees to act on their ambition in an inclusive and healthy way.


We take a genuine interest in the success of our peers and consider their needs our own. We work hard to maintain a customer-centric culture and constant seek solutions to solve their challenges.

Optimy Impact Report
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