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Optimy is built to ensure you’re able to evaluate the performance of your current sponsorships, assess the potential of new opportunities, maintain complete visibility over budgets, and report on your ROI with confidence. Put your brand at the center of experiences your audience will never forget.

Build positive brand associations

Strengthen your brand by integrating your logo and brand identity into sponsorship activities. Facilitate memorable experiences, increase brand awareness, and communicate what your brand stands for to a wider audience.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Automate many time-consuming tasks in the sponsorship process, such as managing requests, creating contracts, and tracking payments. Reduce the cost of sponsorships by reducing paperwork and manual processes.

Prove the value of sponsorships internally

Stay up-to-date with how your activations are performing at all times. Use data proving the value of sponsorships to the brand in terms of improved business opportunities, talent acquisition, talent retention, and customer acquisition, and ensure internal support for your activities.

How it works

Features to enhance your sponsorship ROI

Optimy helps you reduce your administrative workload and save time throughout the different stages of your sponsorship processes. Align all your sponsorship activations with company objectives, maintain control over your program, and measure and report on your ROI.

  • Streamline your sponsorship management
    Easily collect and evaluate sponsorship requests, disburse funds, and measure your ROI all in one intuitive platform. Eliminate manual screening of sponsorship requests and ensure fair and quick processing with custom screening criteria and automated workflows.
  • Configure Optimy to your sponsorship process
    As the world’s most configurable solution for sponsorship management, Optimy can be configured to your specific processes with custom criteria, objectives, and validation workflows. Pay only for the features you need, and add more as you scale your program.
  • Monitor and align sponsorships globally
    Monitor all activities done in the name of your company and track the results and the alignment with your strategy. Optimy’s customizable dashboard displays an overview of the information you need to maintain control over your program. 
  • Report on your ROI
    Robust reporting helps you measure your ROI and continuously improve your program. Generate custom reports and communicate your results internally and externally.
A worker in the energy industry contributing to a social impact program
Why Optimy?

Sponsorship management software with a difference

Optimy is the world’s most configurable solution that helps organizations facilitate memorable experiences for their audience and build affinity with communities, customers, and employees.

All-in-one platform

Manage and align your sponsorship, grants, volunteering and donations initiatives with your corporate values and build meaningful relationships with constituents.

Highly configurable

Manage your sponsorship activations how you want with the most configurable sponsorship management solution.

Superior customer support

Rely on our expert support team to enable the success of your brand or social impact sponsorship initiatives.

A cost-effective solution

Pay only for the features you need and make better use of your resources.


How eins energie digitized its sponsorship program with Optimy

eins energie has an elaborate sponsorship program that supports various fields such as sports, culture, the environment, and social issues.

Before Optimy, eins used time-consuming and inefficient Excel lists to manage their community investment initiatives. The process was frustrating and required too much manual work. Their main challenge was to gather all the relevant information in one place, track all project information, and select and report on it quickly. 

Using Optimy helped eins visualize files by the level of progress, with each project manager able to see all projects or see only the projects in their region. It helped save time and track everything going on, from the inquiries to the budget assigned to individual projects.

How sports and cultural sponsorships have evolved
How sports and cultural sponsorships have evolved since the pandemic.
Guest speaker Jean-Baptiste Felten joined us for a webinar on how sports and cultural interests have evolved since 2019, and their impact on corporate sponsorship activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about sponsorships, sponsorship management, and managing sponsorships with Optimy.

What are research grants?

Grants obtained for conducting scientific research are called research grants. They are often disbursed by government departments, corporations, foundations or trusts, to a nonprofit organization, educational institution, business or individual.

How does Optimy help manage research grants?

Optimy reduces your administrative workload, increases transparency, and builds trust with everyone involved in the research grant management process. Applicants are kept up-to-date on their application status, evaluators have an organized space that enhances productivity, and administrators have complete visibility over all aspects of the program.

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