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How eins energie digitized its sponsorship program with Optimy

Before going more into detail on Eins and how Optimy helped. Let's have a look at what the Corporate Communication Manager from Eins Energie in Sachen has to say about Optimy.

Optimy is a great holistic solution for sponsorship management and contributes to the digitalization of our work.
Carmen S
Corporate Communication Manager

A few words about Eins Energie

The company was created in summer 2010 from the merger of Stadtwerke Chemnitz and Erdgas Südsachsen GmbH. The energy supplier regularly supports fire brigades with monetary donations. In addition, a fire container was rented for hot training from the Leipzig / Halle airport fire department in 2016 and 2017. They have an elaborate Sponsorship program that tackles various fields: sport, culture, environment, social issues. They also have donations solutions to support these activities.


What the Company was looking for

Eins already had a process before adopting Optimy’s solution. But as we explained before, excel lists creation can be time-consuming and inefficient. Soon they realized that they couldn’t go on like that: it was also quite frustrating, and the manual work was not practical. The main challenge was to gather all the relevant information in one place to select and report on them quickly. The biggest challenge was to have an overview of this information and to be able to track everything related to projects.

The Eins Communication Team is responsible for the Sponsorship issue. The Team needs to have a tool that helps them with their daily tasks regarding the sponsorship program. The number of requests received is enormous—both online and offline.
They needed a way to visualize the files according to their progress, with the possibility for each project manager to see all the projects, or to see only the projects in his or her area. This was possible thanks to Optimy’s dashboard.
Autonomy and ease of use are always things required for a Communication team to work independently and get things done.

How Optimy helped

Gathering info and materials all in one place

Optimy helped the team to easily and quickly access the incoming inquiries. As the form was well structured, they could get an insight into all the information required to decide the funding of projects. The Optimy platform offered them the chance to gather all the materials they need in one place only. It helps save time and track everything going on, from the inquiries to the budget assigned to individual projects.

An efficient collaboration 

They needed a tool with support and a team to help them reach their goals. The collaboration with Optimy’s team is efficient: the team is competent and available. They also support the implementation of specific projects and are not scared off by the short delays. They show comprehension and tolerance, a solution-oriented mindset, and a positive attitude. Plus, the platform was more affordable than others, cloud-based and the ease of use is a great advantage.

An easy setup and a user-friendly tool

The setup helped the whole team understands how it works “internally”, and as they use it very regularly, they don’t “lose their grip”… Which is the case today for each member of the communication team at Eins, and also for the financial team which has direct access to the administrative elements requested from the structures that file requests to the company.

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