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What is Optimy?

Optimy is the customer-oriented sponsorship and grant management software trusted by more than 180 organizations worldwide with a retention rate over 98%.
Optimy is not a fixed package, you just pick and pay for what you really need.

Optimy can be used to cover one or more of the following processes:

  • Request management

    Unsorted pile of requests? Streamline the flow of incoming requests, ensuring a systematic and personalised response to each.

  • Project management

    Need for a prompt kick-start? Manage and collaborate on all ongoing projects: launch projects, assign tasks, share documents, etc. All from one single place.

  • Assessment

    An insight on results? Based on your KPIs, automatically score and rank the performance of your new, ongoing or past projects.

  • Audit & Compliance

    Is your effort worth it? Let’s check! Easily get an overall view of your activities at a group level and collect key data to generate reports and graphs.

Why choose Optimy Software?

  • 50% time saved

  • 40,000 users worldwide

  • 98%+ retention rate

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What do they think about Optimy?

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  • The Optimy software not only allow us to centralise the incoming requests but it also allows us to handle them in a more professional and effIcient way.

    René Aerts

    Marketing & PR Manager, Volvo Cars Belgium

  • The Optimy Solution is an excellent tool to centralise all of our projects and to have a global view on all the sponsoring activities across the world which make global reporting quicker and easier!

    Olivier Landry

    Communication Manager, ENGIE

  • Optimy does a great job, we've never had a tool that evolves so quickly, especially for the last few months!

    Sandra Soulié


  • We were very pleasantly surprised by the flexibility of the Optimy Solution and its ease of adaptation to our specific needs. It is really a remarkable management and collaboration tool.

    Soizic Jouanne

    Chargée d’études, Fondation SFR

  • Thanks to the Optimy Solution, we have a professional tool to manage all the support requests submitted on our website. All the information we need is stored in the same place so that we can assess each project in a very efficient way. Besides, we use also this Solution as a reporting tool for our supported projects. It is definitely worth it!

    Christine de Longevialle

    Managing Director, Solidarity Accor

  • The Optimy software is the right solution for streamlining the request submission, we therefore operate with greater effectiveness by speeding up our procedures. And now, we can also manage projects overtime.

    Nadège Lharaig

    Project manager, ENGIE Foundation

  • Thanks to Optimy Software we centralize all requests through one unique entry point, we efficiently communicate with the dealers of our network. It is possible for those who contact us to describe their projects clearly and in detail, so that we immediately have the information we need. As well as enhancing our image by offering an innovative service, Optimy naturally filters high-quality proposals, and in this way saves us time during preliminary screening and emailing activities.

    Gianmaria Restelli

    Events, Sponsorship & Web manager, Gruppo Unipol

  • The Optimy application has enabled us to manage the sponsorship and donation requests that we receive from the geographical territory in which we operate with greater effectiveness and professionalism, by speeding up our procedures.

    Elena Caronia

    Institutional Relations, Tenaris Dalmine

  • Optimy is the right solution to our need for streamlining and making the management of our sponsorship activities more efficient. Its most important advantages are the ease and flexibility of the interface as well as the traceability of all steps in the project selection.

    Luca Musumarra

    Marketing manager, Centrale del Latte Firenze Pistoia Livorno

  • Optimy allows us to standardize requests by bringing together the data considered to be relevant to decisions on the basis of potential areas of involvement. We rationalised procedures, by eliminating paper and providing input for the chronological archives, spending more time and resources on other activities.

    Antonio Fusi

    Head of Mutual Banking, ChiantiBanca

  • The Optimy team proved particularly ready to help, particularly when it came to looking for and implementing solutions for the construction of a customised tool to make our applications management process reliable and effective. This tool is useful to us from the collection of the various elements that make up the application dossiers through to the communication of the results, including analysis of the applications and the integration of the examiners' assessments.

    Claire de Mazancourt

    Manager, Institut de l'Engagement

  • The Optimy software was subject to security tests conducted by our IT team. No security breaches were detected; all our requirements were met.

    Claude Legouix

    Director, Fondations d’Entreprise Safran

  • Thanks to the Word document generation module of the Optimy software, we save a lot of time in the creation of agreements. A single click enables us to download the agreement template which is automatically completed with the project data.

    Isabelle Billet

    Fondation d’Entreprise CMA CGM

  • The updates to forms and customised PDF documents over the past weeks were really useful and, overall, we can say it's thanks to the platform that we can be so efficient today. Well done to all of you for your work!

    Lilea Bourakba

    Development and communication responsible, Fondation Transdev

  • The Optimy Software saves us valuable time every day by automatically filtering all received requests to retain only the best opportunities, based on our own selected criteria.

    Philippe Demuyser

    Promotion Manager

  • The Optimy software is designed in collaboration with the clients to meet their specific needs, the Solution therefore perfectly suits the sponsorship request management.

    Gilles Dartois

    Out Store Event, Media, Folder & Tax - Marketing Department

  • The Optimy Solution allows us to manage our calls for projects in 2 languages: Italian and German. Besides, it only takes us one click to inform our project owners of the decision we made regarding their project. It is really an intuitive tool! We also appreciate the support that the Customer Experience team gives us if ever we need to clarify something.

    Klaudia De Chiusole

    Communication & Marketing

  • The Optimy tool is now our preferred channel used to receive requests. It guarantees an answer to all of our project owners that we can personalise. It's simple to use and really allows us to save precious time and for us to be more efficient. We also appreciate the Customer Experience team's availability everytime we have a question.

    Katrijn Stroobants

    Sponsoring Manager

  • Thanks to the tool, managing projects is much easier: we can now handle the flow of projects we receive and directly generate agreements with all the relevant project details. What's more, the Customer Experience team has always been very attentive, efficient, receptive and welcoming if we ever have questions.
    The Optimy Solution is really valuable to us!

    Laurence Cuisance Kindraich

    Ajointe à la Déléguée Générale Responsable des projets et de l'Administration

  • The Optimy Solution is a great tool to follow up on the applications we receive. It lets us save precious time. The Customer Experience team is very sensitive to our needs and always responds quickly. The level of support we receive remained constant from the very beginning. Optimy is successful because they seek to adapt the software based on their clients' needs and are happy to share best practices.

    Laurence Vandaele

    Secrétaire Générale de la Fondation Nexans

  • Thanks to Optimy we can handle at the same time and with one tool our diverse project requirements for the Group: those for sponsorships and donations of AGSM Verona and those of AGSM Energy and the purchase requests of advertising space. With Optimy we can manage on time and in a coordinated way all the projects that we receive! In addition, we can follow our budget each year directly in the tool and view the amounts allocated to each project in just a few clicks.

    Anna Tadei

    Responsible of Brand Management and External Relations

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