Empower your mission-driven team to give more back

We manage your CSR operations — empowering you with more time and data to amplify your corporate social impact.

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All-in-one solution that delivers ROI

Our platform covers your CSR needs from project and application management, budgeting and reporting, to communication and collaboration. We pride ourselves on streamlining your operations to save you time and money — so you can put this back into your community.

It allows companies to save time and resources, compare projects and take the best decisions.
Danyel Braga
Business Director
All in One

Strategic and operational alignment

The Optimy platform is flexible and personalized — ensuring that your strategic initiatives, operational workflows, and branding are embedded into all of your corporate giving activities. Trusted by leading organizations across the world.

The Optimy Solution really makes our management process so much easier!
Marie-Hélène Chênebeau

Create better relationships

Achieve better internal collaboration with board members, your team and other key stakeholders. Plus, cultivate better relationships with new and existing communities — all through the Optimy platform.

We can communicate with our network in a very efficient way.
René Aerts
Corporate Communications Manager
Cultivate better relationships
Engage your Employees

Engage your employees

Mission-driven companies that give back to causes that their employees are passionate about increase loyalty, and drive higher motivation, morale, and earnings. Corporate giving brings greater value to your corporation, its employees, and the community.

It’s very easy to create teams, team leaders, delegate tasks.
Pablo Andres Diaz Venegas
Admin & Strategy Officer

Enjoy the Optimy Experience

Our CSR platform is leading the way because we focus on the customer experience. With Optimy, you’ll get an affordable solution that goes the extra mile — friendly account managers, fast implementation times, CSR community, custom support, flexible pricing, and a beautiful user interface.

Thanks to the Optimy platform we are able to be as efficient as we are today. Well done to the whole team for their hard work!
Lilea Bourakba
Foundation director
Enjoy optimy experience

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