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Financial services

Organizations like BNP Paribas Fortis Foundation CH and Skandia: Ideas for Life use Optimy to disburse grants and build a sustainable future for their communities.

The insurance company Skandia supports research, methods, and nonprofit projects for local children in Sweden through the Ideas for Life Foundation. 

With over 800 requests per year, managing applications via email was quite daunting. Optimy allows them to create and change questions in their forms with just a few clicks and makes it easier to follow statistics of what’s happening in the community.

A CSR manager in the financial services industry looking for social impact software
A worker in the energy industry contributing to a social impact program


Power & utilities companies like EPCOR and Capital Power trust Optimy to manage their sponsorships and grants programs.

To manage projects across its 28 facilities, Capital Power needed the support of a comprehensive and reliable tool. Streamlining its processes with Optimy has helped improve productivity across the board, and reduce the application processing time by half.


Philanthropic foundations of all sizes, such as the Michelin Foundation, trust Optimy to streamline their grants management processes and maximize the impact of their giving.

The strong demand for rubber for the automotive industry led to a boom in rubber plantations but was accompanied by a worrying rise in life-threatening diseases because of mosquito bites. With Optimy, the Michelin Foundation funds projects to improve the health and well-being of workers.

An employee at a foundation after volunteering for her company's industry-leading CSR program
Employees in the gaming & lotteries industry working on a social impact initiative

Gaming & lotteries

Organizations like the FDJ, Loterie Nationale, and the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority use Optimy to simplify their positive impact programs.

With Optimy, they boost productivity to manage more projects at the same time and facilitate memorable experiences that their audience cares about.


Organizations like Roche Pharmaceuticals and Sonova AG trust Optimy to reduce administrative work and save time in their initiatives.

The Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation (NNHF) aims to improve the quality of life for people with hemophilia and allied bleeding disorders in developing and emerging countries. NNHF has improved its internal communication and decision-making process Optimy. All processes happen in one place, inside the tool.

Workers in the healthcare industry discussing a social impact project
Retail industry employees participating in their company's social impact program


One of our clients in the retail sector, Lotus Bakeries Belgium, understands that education is the key to breaking the vicious circle of poverty, and that every child has a right to education.

To give disadvantaged children and young people access to high-quality education, the Lotus Bakeries Foundation for Education supports various educational projects, such as the Kusasa School in South Africa's Western Cape Province.


Organizations from wide-ranging industries like Audi Belgium, EM Normandie and SKKG trust Optimy to maximize the impact of their social impact activities.

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Streamline your positive impact projects

Optimy’s platform adapts to your needs and enhances every aspect of initiatives that help you build trust with your communities and facilitate unforgettable experiences - with your brand at the center.

Improve data collection

Implement an easy and accessible application process and collect only the data you need. Make changes yourself to our customizable, drag-and-drop forms.

Easily evaluate requests

Filter and rank incoming applications based on pre-configured criteria, and review and select only the best proposals. Automate workflows and remind collaborators of upcoming or pending tasks.

Team collaboration

Share files, assign tasks, and streamline communication with all stakeholders. Protect sensitive data with custom status permissions and access rights for users.

Enhance storytelling

Measure your impact and create visually compelling, custom reports to communicate your performance and goals.

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