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Just like Michelin, the Foundation’s standing is global and its 'Helping people move forward' signature illustrates its sponsorship projects’ human dimension, mediums of progress and social development.

Just like Michelin, the Foundation’s standing is global and its ‘Helping people move forward’ signature illustrates its sponsorship projects’ human dimension, mediums of progress and social development

Jean-Dominique Senard
President of the Executive Board
The foundation

A few words about the Foundation

The Fondation D’Entreprise Michelin, otherwise known as the Michelin Corporate Foundation, was created in January 2014 by the President of the Michelin Group, Jean-Dominique Senard.

The foundation started with the premise of “Helping people move forward”, and follows the Michelin’s group commitment and values of “respect and solidarity”. The foundation supports projects in five fields:

  • Sustainable mobility
  • Sport and health
  • Education and the community
  • Protecting the environment
  • Heritage and the arts


Fondation Michelin's main challenges

The Michelin Corporate Foundation used the Optimy tool to finance the health research project in rubber plantations in Laos and Côte d’Ivoire undertook by Pasteur Institute.

The objective of this project was to limit the exposure to mosquitoes carrying life-threatening diseases (malaria, dengue …) in emerging countries. Research has mainly been carried out in rubber plantations, where the risk of bites is much higher than in villages (up to 16 times in Laos) and where mosquitoes carry more disease.

The French Institut Pasteur, at the forefront of the treatment of infectious diseases, collaborated with the researchers from the Pasteur Institute of Laos and Côte d’Ivoire.

The Michelin Corporate Foundation is funding this research project to support scientific research and improve the health of rubber producers.

The very strong growth in rubber requirements for the automotive market has led to a boom in rubber plantations. But these cultures are accompanied by a worrying proliferation of mosquitoes carrying life-threatening diseases.

The grant management product by Optimy helps organisations and foundations optimise their grant making facilities through the entire lifecycle of a project, from the application process to completion and reporting. Michelin Corporate Foundation uses the Optimy solution to help them manage their grant applications. With their customised forms, applicants can easily apply for a grant or sponsorship and the automatic ranking makes it clear to Michelin, which ones fit with their ethos.
Once an application has been accepted by Michelin, the Optimy tool keeps track on workflows, documentation and tasks that are being carried out for all projects, stored neatly on a centralised dashboard.
When the projects are complete, Michelin use Optimy to track their spend and gain insights into the projects from the reports, as well as sending out follow up surveys via the tool.

Lots of projects managed efficiently thanks to Optimy

Thanks to the use of the all-in-one platform Optimy, the Foundation supported 77 projects in 12 months, with a total budget of €13,071,356. Of those, 4 are new projects. All with the help of the Optimy solution. From a financial point of view, it is over €13,000,000 that were granted to causes. For the teams, it means up to 50% time saved and almost 80 projects backed per year.

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