Support communities locally and internationally

Easily invest in community-oriented initiatives with streamlined corporate giving and build lasting trust with stakeholders.

A social impact manager after streamlining their community investment activities using Optimy

Respond to your community’s needs and show your positive impact

Optimy is the world’s most configurable social impact platform that streamlines community investment programs. With Optimy, you can amplify the positive impact of your investments in the community, such as corporate grants or awards, and disburse urgent relief funds through efficient program administration and build community relationships based on trust.

Build lasting community ties

Effectively respond to the needs of your communities, wherever they may be. Automate time-consuming administrative work and spend your time on building trust through community engagement.

Demonstrate your credibility

Show the positive impact of your good work to your employees, customers, and investors. Use data-driven insights and build compelling impact stories. Generate custom reports using real-time data and communicate your positive impact to both internal and external stakeholders.

Track all aspects of your giving

Maintain full control over data collection and management, budgets and enhance teamwork with effortless collaboration tools.

How it works

Efficient and impactful community investment

Respond to growing expectations around corporate purpose with the most configurable social impact platform. Demonstrate your positive impact to the community and your employees and build lasting relationships.

  • Streamline your community investment initiatives
    Optimy’s all-in-one, efficient platform reduces your administrative burden and makes you more responsive to the needs of your community. With an easy-to-use dashboard, automated workflows, and easily modifiable forms, you can spend your time engaging stakeholders.
  • Seamless user experience
    Provide a seamless experience to applicants, evaluators, and administrators with our easy-to-use community investment tool. Easily update your forms whenever needed and ensure you maintain data privacy with custom status permissions for users of the platform.
  • Organize your data
    Our CSR platform’s customizable dashboard displays the information you want and ensures your data is well-organized. Track your budgets, applications and projects with ease from a central location.
  • Secure and compliant
    Keep all your data secure and accessible with centralized, secure hosting with real-time backup, GDRP compliance, ISO27001 certification, and multi-factor authentication. 
A worker in the energy industry contributing to a social impact program
Why Optimy?

Community investment software with a difference

Optimy is the world’s most configurable solution that helps organizations amplify their positive impact and build meaningful relationships with causes, communities, customers, and employees.

We are committed to helping organizations be a force for good in the world. As a result, the Optimy platform is designed to reduce friction and break down barriers to amplify your positive impact.

All-in-one platform

Manage and align your community investment, corporate grants, sponsorships, and employee engagement initiatives and build meaningful relationships with causes and communities.

Highly configurable

Manage your community investment initiatives how you want with the most configurable CSR solution in the world.

Superior customer support

Rely on our expert support team to enable the success of your corporate giving and make the most of our CSR platform software.

A cost-effective solution

Pay only for the features you need and make better use of your resources.


How Capital Power reduced its application review process by half!

“We went from 7 to 3 minutes per application! With such an increase in efficiency, the team can now focus their time and energy with our partners in local communities.” - Lindsay C, Community Specialist, Capital Power

To manage its community investment projects across 28 facilities, Capital Power needed a reliable solution provider that significantly increased efficiency and productivity, while also providing responsive, expert customer service.

With Optimy, Capital Power has been able to simplify its community investment process. Time spent reviewing each application has gone down dramatically, from an average of 7 minutes per application to 3 minutes. With such an increase in efficiency, the Capital Power team can focus more of its time on providing better support to partners in local communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about community investment, and managing your corporate giving initiatives with Optimy.

What is community investment?

Community investment refers to the practice of directing resources to underserved communities or supporting local businesses to create a positive impact on local communities. Community investment helps you build stronger ties with your community while fostering social, environmental, and economic development.

How does Optimy help me respond to my community’s needs?

Optimy streamlines your community investment processes and helps you disburse money fast and reliably in support of causes such as natural disaster relief or social issues, among others. Because of Optimy, you can demonstrate your positive impact to the community and your employees and build lasting community relationships.

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