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Enhance employee engagement with these new features in Optimy!

September 26, 2023 - 4min
Enhance employee engagement with these new features in Optimy!

With GivingTuesday just around the corner, you may be encouraging your employees to donate money or volunteer their time or expertise to support causes they care about and that align with your company values.

However, low participation in employee engagement programs is a longstanding challenge faced by many companies as they try to amplify their positive impact in their communities. 

There are many reasons for this low participation, including the fact that employees spend less time interacting with each other due to remote work. To build a sense of belonging and motivation at the workplace, you need to engage workers in a way that promotes teamwork and a sense of collectivism.  

We’re excited to announce new features for volunteering and donations in Optimy that will help your company efficiently give back to society and engage your employees at the same time, by making volunteering a true team effort and allowing employees to share their experiences with colleagues, inspiring them to get involved too.

Team Volunteering 

Team Volunteering allows employees to come together as a team to participate in volunteering activities that benefit the organization or a social cause. By volunteering together, team members can build stronger relationships with each other and with the organization, leading to increased employee satisfaction and engagement.

With Team Volunteering, you can efficiently manage your company’s volunteering efforts, including submitting team timesheets, editing team member roles, viewing team details, and much more, all within the easy-to-use Optimy platform. Employees also develop new skills and feel more fulfilled at work.

Volunteers can create their own teams and participate in missions as a team. They can also submit their timesheets as a team, reducing administrative work and saving time for your organization.

Contact us to learn more about Team Volunteering in Optimy!


With Stories, you can provide volunteers with a space where they can share their experiences after participating in missions or giving to causes, and inspire their colleagues to get involved as well. 

Stories allows volunteers to directly give their feedback and effectively get in touch with their colleagues. With easy and fast communication between volunteers, you can boost employee engagement and inspire employees to take part in important missions.

You can create, view, edit and delete all employee stories, view and filter all flagged stories by language, create a blacklist of certain words, automatically or manually flag stories, automatically approve stories, and much more!

Request a demo today and see how you can better engage your employees with Team Volunteering and Stories.

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