Grantmaking made truly impactful

Optimy ensures a seamless user experience for everyone involved in the grantmaking process, from applicants to evaluators and administrators. Grant administrators can quickly launch and easily manage their programs. Evaluators have a central, organized space for all project information. Applicants have a great experience submitting requests.

Increase efficiency

Automate and streamline administrative tasks such as proposal submission, budget tracking, and reporting. Save time and reduce errors, and focus more on achieving your goals.

Manage grants according to your unique processes

Adapt Optimy to your unique grantmaking process and pay only for features you need with the world’s most configurable social impact platform.

Measure and report on your impact

Generate custom reports using real-time data and communicate your impact to both internal and external stakeholders.

How it works

Foster trust and build your reputation

Optimy’s grant management software increases transparency and builds trust with stakeholders. It enhances collaboration and ensures you have full visibility over all aspects of your grants program.

  • Streamline your grant management workflow
    Collect the information you need with intuitive, branded forms. Easily update your forms whenever needed. Efficiently manage your program with automated workflows and task reminders.
  • Track all aspects of your program
    Maintain full control over data collection and management, budgets, and applications, and enhance teamwork with effortless collaboration tools. Maintain data privacy with custom status permissions for users of the platform.
  • Report on your positive impact in real time
    Measure and report on your efforts and ensure your budget is well used for maximum positive impact. Generate custom, visual reports using real-time data and effectively communicate the positive impact of your support to various projects internally and externally.
  • Secure and compliant
    Keep all your data secure and accessible with centralized, secure hosting with secure hosting with security tools such as real-time data backups, GDPR compliance, ISO27001 certification, and multi-factor authentication.
A worker in the energy industry contributing to a social impact program
Why Optimy?

Grant management software with a difference

Optimy is the world’s most configurable solution that helps organizations amplify their positive impact and build meaningful relationships with causes, communities, customers, and employees.

We are committed to helping organizations be a force for good in the world. As a result, the Optimy platform is designed to reduce friction and break down barriers to amplify your positive impact.

All-in-one platform

Manage and align your corporate grants, sponsorships, and employee engagement initiatives and build meaningful relationships with causes and communities.

Highly configurable

Manage your grantmaking how you want with the world's most configurable grant management solution.

Superior customer support

Rely on our expert support team to enable the success of your grants initiatives and make the most of your CSR grantmaking software.

A cost-effective solution

Pay only for the features you need and make better use of your resources.


How EDF supports only the most impactful grant projects

To manage a high volume of grant requests, the EDF Foundation needed a grant management tool to increase productivity and quickly select the best applications to provide essential goods to people. 

The Foundation needed to simplify management of the follow-up of files and a reliable and complete database of projects. It needed a tool that was easy to use, that their team could quickly master, and that could show the history of all applications received and the progress of supported projects in different territories. 

With Optimy, the Foundation increased productivity, saved time, and quickly disbursed funds to reliably provide basic necessities like food and water to disadvantaged people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Grants Management Workbook:
Everything you need to know for your grant project to run smoothly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about grantmaking, grant management, and managing grants with Optimy.

What is grant management?

Grant management includes the administrative processes and tools to manage the grant lifecycle, from setting up the grant, processing applications, selecting worthy recipients, disbursing grant funds, and tracking your impact.

What is grant management software?

Grants management software is a technological solution that enables the management of grants, funding, etc. It enables you to effectively communicate internally and with your charitable partners, assess grants by a review panel, build useful workflows and report on your program’s impact.

How does grant management with Optimy work?

Optimy ensures a seamless user experience for everyone involved in the grantmaking process, from applicants to evaluators and administrators. Grant administrators can quickly launch and easily manage their programs, while evaluators have a central, organized space for all project information.

Improving your grant management process helps you organize every stage of grant funding from start to finish. With Optimy, you can improve efficiency in your process and enable everyone involved to stay on track throughout the entire grant period.

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