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How ABN AMRO Foundation enhanced Corporate Volunteering with Optimy

Explore how ABN AMRO Foundation optimized its volunteer management with Optimy. Dive into their journey towards streamlined processes, improved reporting, and enhanced engagement.

Optimy is reasonably priced, flexible, and comprehensive. It offers everything we need to manage our volunteering programs effectively, and the team behind Optimy is incredibly supportive and responsive.
Marielle Versluis
ABN AMRO Foundation

About ABN AMRO Foundation

Established 23 years ago, ABN AMRO Foundation is dedicated to promoting volunteering among ABN AMRO employees. With an average of 6,000 employees volunteering, the foundation focuses on providing equal opportunities for disadvantaged children, offering enriching experiences such as museum visits, theater outings, and sports clinics with the support of volunteers.



Prior to implementing Optimy, ABN AMRO Foundation managed its volunteering programs manually, relying on Excel sheets to register volunteers and budgets. As the foundation grew, so did the complexity of managing volunteers and reporting data. They faced challenges in streamlining volunteer registration, providing transparency about available volunteering opportunities, and maintaining accurate records.


ABN AMRO Foundation sought a modern solution to improve volunteer registration, enhance reporting capabilities, and provide volunteers with an easy way to browse and select available opportunities. After evaluating various options, they concluded that Optimy was the best fit due to its flexibility and ease of use, allowing for self-management of tasks, its user-friendly interface, and the company's willingness to collaborate closely with them from the outset.


Since adopting Optimy, ABN AMRO Foundation has transformed its volunteer management processes. Volunteers now have a seamless registration experience, and the foundation benefits from accurate and up-to-date project data, including budget usage and volunteer participation metrics. The platform's professional appearance and user-friendly interface have enhanced the overall volunteer experience, contributing to increased engagement and satisfaction.

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