Configurable, intuitive, powerful

Our all-in-one platform is highly configurable to your CSR needs and helps you maximize efficiency to amplify your impact.

CSR professionals discussing how to maximize the efficiency of their programs

Functionality to help you scale

Easily configurable, intuitive forms

Capture the information you need and provide a good applicant experience with intuitive, easy to use forms with your company’s branding.

Collect applications

Collect applications for your grantmaking, sponsorship, volunteering, or other social impact programs.

Automated workflows

Automate key tasks, standardize your processes, and empower your team to achieve impact on a large scale.

Grantee evaluation

Provide role-based permissions to your team and collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders.

Task management

Set up custom tasks and processes, automate workflows, and enable collaboration at scale to maximize efficiency.

Budget management

Manage and keep track of all your payments, and always stay on top of allocated funds for each project.

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