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Optimy’s all-in-one, highly configurable platform helps you maximize efficiency, amplify your positive impact, and build lasting connections with your communities.

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A worker in the energy industry contributing to a social impact program
All-in-one solution

The most configurable solution for your organization

Optimy is designed to streamline your processes, reduce your administrative burden, engage your employees, and free up valuable resources you can use to build meaningful connections with your audience. 

As the most configurable solution that amplifies your positive impact and enhances your brand image, the Optimy platform was purpose-built to reduce friction and increase productivity throughout the process

ALL-IN-ONE Solution

The most configurable solution for your organization

Smart, branded forms

Capture the information you need and provide a good applicant experience with intuitive, easy to use, drag-and-drop forms that match your company’s branding.

Automatic filtering and scoring

Automatically decline all applications not in line with your strategy. Irrelevant requests will be declined, freeing up time. Automatically score each project and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each application.

Automated workflows

Automate key tasks, standardize your processes, simplify request evaluation, and empower your team to reduce your administrative burden. Achieve impact on a large scale, even with a lean team.

Custom statuses

Get a granular, more specific overview of all your activities within seconds on our customizable central dashboard. With unlimited custom statuses, you can integrate your workflows and processes.

DocuSign eSignature

DocuSign in Optimy is the most convenient way for you to gather e-signed agreements and other contracts from your applicants and awardees.

Messaging and communication

Send emails directly from the project page to ensure all communication is stored directly in the system and doesn’t get lost.

Form access rights

Host other entities on the platform with full privacy. Create a wall between different forms and teams and control access, while benefiting from a global overview to see what is happening on a group level.

Budget management

Manage and keep track of all your payments, and always stay on top of allocated funds for each project.

Superior customer support

Our expert support team acts as a true partner in enabling the success of your programs and helps you get the most out of Optimy.

A worker in the energy industry contributing to a social impact program

Always secure and compliant

We follow industry best practices regarding data security and maintain various certifications of compliance such as GDPR compliance and ISO27001 certification, as well as security features. Learn more about our security measures.

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