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How EDF supports only the most impactful grant projects with Optimy

Before going more into detail on EDF and how Optimy helped. Let's have a look at what the Project Manager from Fondation Groupe EDF has to say about Optimy.

If we hadn't had Optimy, especially in 2020, it'd have been a nightmare because the call for projects generated more than 600 applications (complete files received)!
Véronique S
Project Manager

A few words about EDF Foundation

The EDF Group Foundation – EDF’s corporate foundation – is dedicated to corporate philanthropy and works in three areas in France and abroad: inclusion, education, and the environment, in favor of future generations and people in precarious situations. A 4-year mandate An annual budget of 10 million euros. +469 projects supported since 2016.


What the Company was looking for

“Our goal is to allocate the annual allocation in the best possible way by making choices, sometimes difficult ones. And it is particularly in this task that Optimy is useful!”

A clear dashboard, that allows you to immediately visualize the files according to their progress, with the possibility for each project manager to see all the projects, or to see only the projects in his or her area. Which is exactly what Optimy provides.
Because of the number of requests, the EDF Foundation needed simplified management of the follow-up of the files and a reliable and complete database of projects – received, refused, supported, in progress.
Ease of use of a tool that is not time-consuming and that can also show the history of all the projects received and the progress of the projects supported, easily, clearly and quickly.

How Optimy helped

A gain in productivity

Optimy is the grants project management tool for the Foundation. But it is also a tool for sharing and managing documents related to supported projects. They have set up the automatic generation of pre-filled standard documents from the data entered by the project leaders, which makes the work of drafting the project sheets presented to authorities and the subsequent grants agreements much easier.

Rapid deployment in response to COVID

In 2020, in response to the health crisis, the Foundation released an exceptional budget. First, they had to respond to urgent needs in March: food and basicnecessities for the most disadvantaged, and aid for healthcare personnel. Then, in a second phase, they launched a call for “Solidarity Fund” projects in solidarity.

Optimy was very useful because they were able to put online quickly – and over a defined period – a form with specific items related to the crisis (return to work, return to school, new development models/short circuits…), different from the “classic” form. This “Solidarity Fund” being dedicated to territories, the dashboard, and the statutes created specifically allowed the EDF Foundation team to classify the projects by region and then by theme.

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