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The Optimy software is perfectly suited to their needs, especially for the management of the evaluation by their expert partners.

The Optimy software is perfectly suited to our needs, especially for the management of the evaluation by our expert partners.
Elisabeth Riboud
Development Manager

A few words about the Foundation

The Coeur & Recherche Foundation was founded by the French Society of Cardiology, the foundation’s ambition is to bring together those in the cardiovascular field to carry out (with its partners) effective and competitive cardiovascular research.

The purpose of the Coeur & Recherche Foundation is to subsidize medical teams and French researchers in the cardiovascular field to support clinical research in cardiology in order for them to better treat cardiovascular disease in France.

The Coeur & Recherche Foundation aims to contribute to the development of research in the field of cardiovascular diseases and thus to participate actively in the improvement of public health.


What the Foundation was looking for

Research Findings: Every year, 40,000 people in France die suddenly from unrecovered cardiac arrest. In most cases, it is related to a sudden anarchic runaway heart rate known as ventricular fibrillation. When a person survives this, the cause is sought after to identify if said person has a possible genetic predisposition, they also look for the cause to prevent reoccurrence.
Research Goals: To improve knowledge of the causes of sudden death in healthy subjects, especially young people from the age of 15 (to aid prevention). (If the hypothesis is confirmed, the research looks to follow the families of sudden death victims to determine if their members carry the same gene and monitor this gene to determine a genetic predisposition).
Fondation Coeur et Recherche supports the French clinical research in cardiology. The foundation is the link between Medical research and companies. The Fondation Coeur et Recherche needed a one-top solution to be able to centralise incoming requests and to manage the projects and their evaluation process efficiently.

How Optimy helped

As a grant management software, Optimy helped the Coeur & Recherche Foundation optimise their grant-making facilities through the entire lifecycle of a project, from the application process to completion and reporting.

All the Coeur & Recherche Foundation’s requests are collected through a single entry point. All documents attached to each of their project’s are efficiently stored: CV, Administrative Manager agreement, project owner presentation, budget, etc.

All the projects the Coeur & Recherche Foundation receives can be followed on a single dashboard. Optimy’s solution allows this to be sorted by form, by status, per date etc.

The Coeur & Recherche Foundation’s key information is available on one page: project owner’s name, project’s theme, the number of participants, publication, the budget, etc.

A PDF of each project is generated with Optimy’s tool and is sent to the Scientific committee at the Coeur & Recherche Foundation.

Projects are assessed by scientific experts at Coeur & Recherche Foundation through an evaluation form. The assessment form is automatically attached to the project being assessed.

Optimy’s tools allow for systematic and personalised messages to be sent to the project owners at each step of the process for every project.

The Coeur & Recherche Foundation’s users can easily generate tailor-made and up-to-date reports with Optimy: number of incoming requests, no. of requests accepted, refused, etc. They managed to achieve €450,000 allocated to projects, saved up to 50% time in project management, and can now handle 4 projects every year.

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