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Four reasons why streamlining sponsorships processes is a must-do for multi-branch corporations

Ornella Schillaci
November 25, 2021 - Reading time: 4min
Four reasons why streamlining sponsorships processes is a must-do for multi-branch corporations

When launching a sponsorship program, most corporations receive a large number of requests. That is already a challenge to manage. But it can be even harder if they have offices in different locations. Does this story ring a bell? 

The importance lies in equipping you with the right tools and resources to reduce the everyday administrative burden. We know that a lot of corporations rely on manual processes. However, manual work leads to errors. If you combine it with the lack of a streamlined cross-departmental process, the result is most certainly an overwhelmed sponsorship manager who doesn't have the time to do all of their tasks. 

Your challenges

Let us know if these are familiar to you: 

  1. You spent most of your days trying to be on top of everything and gathering information. It is by asking applicants for the exact amount they would need for an event, requesting status updates, or questioning what other brands will be involved in the project. Most receive sponsorship requests by email and suffer from missing data in a never-ending back and forth email thread. 
  2. You struggle when choosing suitable applicants. Often, different groups of people are involved in decision-making, and communication is a big challenge. At times, the exact criteria used to choose which events to sponsor are unclear to all people involved in the process, which can lead to frustration for all parties. 
  3. Since you work for a multi-branch corporation, standardizing the sponsorship process across regions is a big challenge. Many colleagues only get involved in the sponsorship process a few times a year and can have a hard time remembering the framework they should follow. So you get confused about what to do after accepting the sponsorship request. Should you ask for a contract? Should you set up the payment? What other documents would you need? 
  4. Since you're dealing with different regions, they have different sponsorship budgets.  
  5. For all the pain mentioned above points, you juggle with different tools. But these tools are not compatible with each other, resulting in spread data... and you getting more confused and frustrated than ever. 

And here we come, advising you to go for the all-in-one platform to make your life easier. Of course, we won't stop there. We have four key reasons for you to jump in and start working with an online tool to manage your sponsorship projects. 

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#1 Easily collect applications 

We don't want to brag, but our forms will save your life. You can receive all sponsorship requests in one central spot and ask all relevant questions for the decision process via online forms. Yes, you can make these questions mandatory, so you can be sure to have all information needed. 

Moreover, Optimy's software allows back-end users to see if someone has started filling out an application, even if they haven't submitted it yet. That way, you can quickly identify the blocking questions and even reach out to applicants to answer questions

And since we talked about being located in different regions, it might be essential to mention that you can add additional questions depending on the applicant's location. This way, the questions applicants have will differ depending on their answers to previous questions. 

#2 Save time selecting applications

We have features like Automatic Scoring, Automatic Delegation, and Automatic filtering features to help you save time on your selection process. 

For instance, if you spend hours of your time reviewing an application to find out, in the end, that this grant seeker doesn't meet the profile, the wasted time is rather irritating. Plus, you'll have to email the grant seeker that they didn't meet the criteria. However, thanks to automation, you can have a standard decline template inside your Optimy's platform and automatically send emails when a sponsorship request doesn't match the corporation's needs

#3 Leave no task behind

Again, thanks to automation and mainly the Automatic Delegation feature, you can quickly and automatically delegate to the team member responsible for managing a specific region. 

Once you've set up your workflow inside the tool, Optimy's dashboard tells you what you should do via the Tasks feature. After completing each task, the system triggers the next one, ensuring that errands such as payments, staffing event booths, and receiving logos all get done in the sponsorship process. 

#4 Save money with smart budgeting

If you also dreamt of setting specific amounts for specific regions, being able to track everything in real-time, keeping track of how much of the budget you still have to allocate, or even establishing sub-categories for a specific area, your dream has come true. Optimy's innovative budgeting feature will change your life for the better. 

Now we know that it might be scary to jump in. But the great thing about Optimy is (among other things) the personalized support that you get from our excellent Customer Success team. Get in touch to know more and start streamlining your sponsorships processes! 

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