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5 Tips to promote your CSR activities

Has your organisation created a CSR strategy, is it contributing to sustainable development, has a motivated team aligned with its values, promotes social actions, but…

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Optimy launches CSR Podcast

We are happy to announce that Optimy is launching its first podcast. And in this very first episode, we thought it would be nice to…

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Claim your time back with Optimy’s features

  Are you one of those people who dream of a 30-hour day so that you can manage all your tasks? Dream of managing all…

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5 biggest CSR myths debunked

  There was a time when people dreamed of working in large corporations, of distributing business cards of famous brands that were designed to generate…

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Optimy launches CSR community platform and new website

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of our CSR community platform! This is a place in which CSR professionals can exchange…

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Online volunteering

The pandemic, along with its effects on economic development, is causing sleepless nights. The lack of a direction to follow leaves entrepreneurs and employees insecure…

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What is the triple bottom line business model?

The triple bottom line is a business model that the British author John Brett Elkington created to explain how multi-dimensional the responsibility of corporations can…

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Optimy’s clients contribute to the global COVID-19 response

Donation of artificial respirators, financial resources, and products: the fight of companies for different parts of the world against the new coronavirus comes in several…

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Philanthropy & Coronavirus

Covid-19 Outbreaks cause a world record in philanthropy fundraising

In this moment of uncertainties, it is hard to make decisions. However, in times like this, there is always a positive solution, and one of…

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CSR during the coronavirus pandemic

In the past few weeks, we have seen the world changing with the impacts of coronavirus. The main one, of course, is related to health:…

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