Navigating Social Impact Collaborations: Optimy Webinar Series

Join us on a transformative journey through the world of strategic partnerships and efficient resource management.

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Hosted by Optimy and Guide & Give, a leader in driving positive change, this webinar series is designed for Social Impact Professionals (from grant-makers to Employee Engagement or Community Investment Managers) looking to elevate their organizations through purposeful collaborations and efficient processes. 

It will consist of two 45-minute power-packed sessions during which we will demystify the concept of meaningful partnerships and discuss how to establish the best resource management processes. 

Session 1 - February 21 - 11.30 am ET - Strategic Partnership Mastery: Linking Business Goals to Impactful Collaborations

Session 2 - February 29 - 11.30 am ET - Amplifying Social Impact: Strategic Resource Management for cutting edge professionals

NB: Submit your first registration and refresh the page to be able to register for the second session.

Why Attend? 

These sessions have been designed for Social Impact Professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of industry trends and willing to challenge their strategic vision and daily operations. Be prepared to gain practical insights and leave with real-life examples to help you build your roadmap for 2024!

the speakers

Becca Whitman

Founder & CEO at Guide&Give

Aaron Szeto

Senior AE at Optimy

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