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The ultimate sponsorship checklist

by Ornella Schillaci
July 25 - Reading time: 2min
The ultimate sponsorship checklist

When it comes to setting up a social impact project, more precisely a corporate sponsorship program, there are so many elements that you should watch out for. It's not always easy to set up clear elements to get started with your sponsorship strategy. Ambitions can evolve and you might want to add many more things to your program, but fixed goals are what will make you succeed and get relevant and qualitative ROI.

1) Know what your organization needs

One most important element to becoming a sponsor is to know what your organisation needs.

The benefit of knowing what your organization needs will help you find out whether or not it was exactly what your organization needs based on the success result of the sponsorship project. If it was right, you can continue to aim for the same objective in the future. However, if it wasn’t as successful as you expected, the result will help you analyse what you should aim for next.

2) Know what you are willing to put in for what you get

After you have set the objective for the sponsorship project, you will be able to put exactly what you need to achieve your objective together. This will help you identify roughly how much you should be expecting to give in exchange to get for what you need. Often in sponsorship, it is a mutual benefit for the sponsor and the sponsee.

3) Know who you want to be sponsoring

After you have set your objectives, know what you are willing to give for what you would like to achieve, now you will then need to do some research on who you can sponsor based on what you would like to achieve and what you are willing to offer. This will help you contact the right project to sponsor or choose to sponsor the right project.

Do you...?

✓ Know your organization

✓ Know your industry

✓ Know who you can target  

✓ Know how to set goals & objectives

✓ Know what you can give in exchange for what you need

✓ know who you would like to sponsor

✓ Know how to put a strategy together

✓ Have a strategy in place to ensure everything runs smoothly

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