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How workflows can help a sponsorship manager

by Optimy
June 19, 2019 - Reading time: 2min
How workflows can help a sponsorship manager

As a sponsorship manager, there are a lot of tasks that are rather time-consuming. You have a whole sponsorship project to handle, and a team to manage. Among this team, various people have specific roles and tasks, results and goals to achieve. Well, just like any other projects, planning is vital but not only... Automation grows in the management of projects and sponsorship programs make no exception. As manually assigning tasks can be a time-consuming job, you can turn to automated workflows to to organise the follow-up of all your projects.

As a matter of fact, having a workflow can help you save so much time and while it increases productivity, it decreases the number of possible human errors that could happen during manual work. Although it might seem complex at the beginning since you will have to invest your time to set it up, it's still something that’s a once and for all must-do and then, you can relax about it.

What is automation?

Don't run to your dictionary, we're here to get things clear. Automation refers the use of software' features to automatically complete specific tasks. It doesn't mean that everything is turning into digital and no human support is needed; on the contrary. Automation facilitates your team's work by letting them focus on other more relevant tasks for them. As for everything that can be repeated and doesn't require human reflexion, automation does the work for you.

Even if automation demands a quick implementation, it has been showed that it increases employees' satisfaction and productivity since they're now able to focus on all the othe things that are expected from them. Yes, automation is closely linked to the digital transformation that all businesses know and knew even better these past few months; so if you're done with manual work via Excel for instance; turning to a software with powerful features to get your work done faster and in a more efficient way might be a great idea.

What are workflows, anyway?

Workflow is a business process that gathers all the steps that one must do to complete a project and reach a specific goal. Workflows are already part of the everyday life, since in every project there are steps to be followed. Well, in the case of a software, the workflow features enable the user to plan ahead all the steps that are necessary to achieve the project, in that case a sponsorship project.

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The 3 key benefits of workflows

Save time

With a workflow in place, you will not waste a minute on things that do not matter because workflows are often planed strategically; one task triggering the next so any unnecessary task will never be a part of the workflow. Everything in the workflow will matter to achieve your job of sponsorship manager. Another advantage to add to this is whilst you’re planning for your workflow, you will also know of other alternative ways to do a certain task/process. If something doesn’t go as planned, you have your backup plan handy thanks to the workflow planning process.

Assign tasks

Having a workflow in place will make other things easier. Each individual will have their own specialised area and tasks will be done in a more professional way and you’re definitely going to achieve better results by assigning the right tasks to the right individual.

Enforces policy and structure

With a workflow in place, it will set a true structure for your organisation as it will allow you to have a clear vision of everything within your organisation. This will enforce the policy and structure as most workflows must be run by management to ensure that it will lead the organisation to the right path, to meet the objective and target.

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