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How to build a sponsorship report

by Optimy
September 2, 2019 - Reading time: 4min
How to build a sponsorship report

Although writing a report can be straightforward, we sometimes still miss out on crucial information. Why is having all information that’s required in the report important, you ask?

Imagine if you were a person receiving the report. If you are willing to invest your time, you would expect value in the content.In order to not lose your reader’s attention, every information you provide in each section must add value. This blog post is going to be showing a step by step guide to ensure that your report is packed with information that’ll help the readers understand what you want to point out.


Before you can have all the information ready, you have to know who your audience is and what information you want them to know after reading it.Take this as an example, if your organisation requires a report on the result of the sponsorship event/campaign that your organisation was sponsoring, you would want to know how the event/campaign that you’ve sponsored went because it was part of your organisation’s budget and if it has met the objective you’ve set.

But how do you find out the answers to the question? Having a workflow helps and here are why:

  • Before your organisation invested in sponsoring an event, you would have already had an objective based on the budget for the event because when you decide to invest, you would want to be certain that this event will help meet your goals.
  • You would know what you and your organisation expect from the event.
  • You would have communicated with an event organiser because you’re sponsoring them and ensuring you’re working with them throughout the whole event.
  • You would have action plans written in order to meet your objectives.

Having a workflow will ensure that everything is done correctly and deadlines being met, this will help ensure that you will meet your target and that you will have content to share in your report.


If you were to pick one tip form this article, choose this. The result is obvious to the eye, therefore, this cannot be made up nor estimated. This can also add to why having a workflow is important because it can help you tell a story from beginning to end in order:

  1. Objective
  2. Budget
  3. Workflow & process
  4. Summary
  5. Result

You will have an advantage if you have a software as it will track your workflow, process, and progress. When you produce the report, you will know from beginning to end how it all went.


This section defers on who you want to present this report to. If it were your organisation, then an ideal situation would be the result. If it were to your team who were responsible for the sponsorship event, then you would want to know the process, what went right, what went wrong, what can be done better in order to improve future project results, and obviously, the result itself.If you want the readers to be engaged in your report you must let them see things that they want to see, not what you think they want to see.

Put yourself in their position and think whether or not each information that you are presenting to them in the report would benefit or have benefitted them and that they should know.


This applies to you if you want to take your sponsorship projects to the next level. A software will automatically help you plan your process since the beginning and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Not only will it help you focus on tasks that matter more but it can give you the result of where you mostly spend your time - this way, you can monitor your productivity and change your strategy if must.

With Optimy, we have a feature that will allow you to send a survey to the event organiser asking them about the result of the event. You can then also analyse the result internally. All these features will help you put together an outstanding report that not only will it impress your audience but will allow you to figure out what works and what doesn’t in order for you to fund better projects in the future.---Go further with your sponsorship.Try our sponsorship management software: get a free demo of Optimy here.

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