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Sponsorship project: 5 steps to be successful

by Ornella Schillaci
June 26, 2021 - Reading time: 4min
Sponsorship project: 5 steps to be successful

When done correctly, a sponsorship project can be very efficient for your company. Even more than just being sources of revenue, they also build a strong image of your company and help create a brand awareness that is worth it. Sponsorship (as defined here) improves employee retention or customer loyalty. It's a win-win project for you and the non-profits that you decide to support. But then, of course, you still have to leverage the right partnerships. And this might seem an intimidating, time-consuming task. Luckily you're never alone in this project. Via a management tool to help you get through every project stage, you can save time and be even more productive. Plus, with the help of a super customer success executive, everything is possible and you can be a real sponsorship hero (Or sort of, but let's roll with it).

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#1 Collect data

Without data, how could you be effective and get a clear picture of the ecosystem in which your project is evolving? Make sure not to miss this step and start by doing that from the very beginning. It's no waste of time: your sponsorship data will eventually come in handy when you are ready to expand in the future or fix anything along the project process. The reports will also give all the details and information about the whole project. So whether it was a successful one or not, the report has an accurate answer for you. Of course, you might wonder how to collect this data. Well, there is no fixed answer to that. There are multiple ways of collecting information. Ideally, you would collect info from more than one source and more than one type of information. As to how many of them you should gather, it depends on the nature of your project. But keep in mind that quality is always better than quantity on which you didn't reflect. And for you to know which kind of data will be helpful for you, you have to...

2. Set the goals for your sponsorship project

Your goal should be your ideal destination. Don't be blurry about that. The goals will give your whole team and your audience a clear idea of who you are, what you stand for, and how important the project is to you. It will give credibility and relevance to your action. You want to do good, make sure you know why. It will also boost the credibility of your organization. Your marketing team will also be super happy about it.You can build these goals by brainstorming or using the mind mapping method. It's also an excellent way to clarify your thoughts and desires to do good. Plus, writing them or making something out of these impalpable ideas will also help you make a sense out of them. You'll see it clearly if these goals don't make sense with your values as an organization.

3. Understand every process of the workflow

Workflow is one of the essential parts of the process. It helps the project run smoothly. In a perfect world, you'd have an eye on all the stages of the workflow. You'd start by planning everything. But then you need to know what will happen if the visitor actually comes across your sponsorship project and wants to join. What happens next? How are the communications managed? Where can you get a glimpse of the reporting on this project?Using a sponsorship project management solution, all this sounds a lot easier: see how it works here.

4. Have a clear communication plan

When working in a team, a communication plan is essential. Nobody would know who to report to if something requires changes or delays without a clear communication plan. Get yourself an efficient tool that will help the team communicate around your sponsorship project. All data can be kept in one place. This way, nothing will be lost.

5. Measure the result of your sponsorship project

Are you done with completing the whole project? Then it's time to double-check how good your results are. This reporting will get you to see whether you've overachieved or have not quite met your target. If you didn't reach your goal, you might detect some similar patterns in the data, some clues that show how you can improve. Don't be scared: learn from these and change strategy. You can do better in the future.There you have it, some tips and tricks to help get you started on your next successful sponsorship project. But if you need more, or if you are looking for a solution to help you ease your daily sponsorship activities,...

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