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A simple grant management software with a powerful effect


Optimy Grant Management Software helps you through your entire Grant Journey

Has going through your grant applications ever seemed like a never-ending journey? Have you ever thought that there must be an easier path than endless spreadsheets and CC’d emails? Well, don’t panic, the Optimy grant management solution coordinates all of your applications in one place in a concise and easy-to-view dashboard. On top of that, every single organization using Optimy has their own customer ambassador to guide them through their journey. 100% Human, no robots guaranteed.







See how our bundles can help you through your Grant Journey

Optimy Collect

Picture this – A grant seeker lands on your beautifully designed custom domain and fills out your easy to follow smart form, giving you the information you need to the criteria you’ve set. You’ve already transferred all your past contacts and applications that you received via emails with a click of a button. Now you’re ready to go over all the applications to make your selection.

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Optimy Select

Once the grant seeker has completed your custom form, the Optimy technology automatically ranks the applicants to the ones that best fit with your organization’s values, saving you a tremendous amount of time by seeing at a glance everything you need to know. If an application doesn’t match with any of your values, Optimy does the hard part for you – turning them down. We’ll have ‘the chat’ with them, sending out an automatic reply whenever we know they weren’t the right match.

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Optimy Manage

Everyone knows how hard it is to stay on top of tasks, especially when you’ve got dozens of projects going on at the same time. Say goodbye to the complex and time-consuming spreadsheets and incessant emails and hello to your centralized dashboard with document and task management, collaborative notes and automated workflows! No this isn’t a dream, with Optimy, you can assign tasks and manage your team in one location for all your projects, making the grants administration more efficient. We’ll even send you weekly email updates so you’ll never miss a task again.

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Optimy Report

Reviewing your projects is key to measuring your progress and success. We’ve made it easy for you to assess the impact of your grant, with downloadable PDFs with your statistics, charts and an application overview. You can evaluate your budget with the budget tracking and even get peer reviews with automatic follow-up surveys. The Optimy solution has everything you need to review and report on your successful grants.

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Our security is stronger than Fort Knox. We not only follow the new EU GDPR law but go above and beyond to make sure your organization´s and your applicants’ information is safe in our cloud-based solution.

We believe in human interaction. A bot can’t answer your questions as well as one of our experts! That’s why every one of our customers is assigned a customer ambassador to help them with whatever they need, whenever they need.


We want our product to be accessible to everyone. We do this by making sure you can get the Optimy tool in your native language. We offer the frontend of the tool in 20 languages and the backend, along with our human support in 7! You’ll feel right at home.