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How Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation Shifted to Optimy to enhance its Grant Management Processes

Discover Stanley Stiftung Foundation's optimized grant management journey with Optimy, including a seamless migration from a previous tool, tailored applications, and a streamlined evaluation process.

"Optimy streamlined our intricate three-step evaluation process, ensuring accessibility for all users, from office staff to board members. Its user-friendly interface simplified our procedures, making it an essential tool for our foundation's success."
Myriam Vetsch
Head of Administration at Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation

About the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation

The Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation supports projects in the fields of culture, education, humanitarian aid and medical research. It aims to improve people’s quality of life and promote mutual cultural understanding.

Being an independent foundation, the Stanley Foundation is able to take a long-term view and give support in areas neglected by the public sector, commercial sponsors or charitable organizations that collect money from the public. The Foundation promotes innovative approaches and enters into partnerships with long-term potential.



As the Head of Administration at Stanley Stiftung Foundation, a Swiss-based organization, Myriam faced the challenge of efficiently managing grant applications spanning diverse fields such as culture, education, humanitarian aid, and medical research. With 750 applications received annually, the foundation needed a solution that could accommodate varying criteria for different application types, facilitate a complex three-step evaluation process, and seamlessly integrate with the foundation's banking system for semi-automated payment releases.


Optimy proved to be the comprehensive solution for Stanley Stiftung Foundation's grant management needs. Myriam implemented Optimy, incorporating three distinct application forms tailored to the unique criteria of organizations, individuals, and a special project named "Second chance for a first education." The platform's web-based functionality served both organizations and individuals, addressing the varied requirements effectively. One of the key decision factors was Optimy's ability to facilitate a "data carried exchange" with the foundation's bank, streamlining the payment release process and minimizing manual data entry. The evaluation process, involving a pre-evaluation, external expert examination, and board validation, was seamlessly integrated into Optimy, ensuring accessibility and ease of use for all users.


Approximately 150 applications are approved annually, showcasing the efficiency of the platform in handling the diverse range of criteria across different fields. Optimy's variety of sample controlling and reporting instruments have met the foundation's requirements, supporting comprehensive oversight. The migration feature has allowed a transition from the previous platform, preserving the foundation's six years of project history. As Myriam continues to program reports and document templates, Optimy remains a reliable and adaptable tool, empowering Standley Stiftung Foundation to navigate its complex grant evaluation processes with efficiency and precision.

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