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Optimy brings transparency to corporate donations with social impact platform

September 12th, 2023 -- 3 min
Optimy brings transparency to corporate donations with social impact platform

‘Employee Donations’ will empower businesses to better manage their CSR initiatives and maximize donations.

With FTSE 100 company donations falling by 26% over the past decade, Optimy is the only offering that doesn’t charge a transaction fee, in a bid to boost CSR 

BRUSSELS, September 12, 2023: Optimy, the European leader in social impact solutions, has today launched a new platform to help businesses across the globe amplify their social and business impact, all without charging a transaction fee.

The new platform, called Donations, allows businesses to help their employees find causes they care about and easily donate towards projects they believe in. It also marks Optimy’s completion of its all-in-one positive impact solution, which helps organizations enhance every aspect of their impact programs, such as grantmaking, sponsorships, volunteering, scholarships, and other support initiatives, all while keeping data secure.

Working with global giants including Audi, Ford Motor Company, and UEFA Foundation for Children, Optimy is committed to helping organizations become a force for good. With no transaction fees (above standard payment processing fees) for donations, Optimy is helping businesses maximize donations, in order to support nonprofit organizations across the globe.   

Kenneth Bérard, Founder and CEO at Optimy, commented: "We’re proud to be launching the final phase of our social impact solution and we’re confident that the Donations tool will help to bring greater transparency to the industry, unlocking an array of benefits to our international customers."

“We don't believe in making a profit from donations that are supposed to help important causes. Therefore, we will not charge a transaction fee above standard payment processing fees for donations made through Optimy,” he added. “We want as much money as possible to contribute to making a positive difference on a global scale. We look forward to seeing this unfold with the help of our technology." 

Employee Donations will strengthen Optimy's Employee Engagement offering, adding a strong feature set including matching gifts, where organizations make a donation to match their employees’ charitable efforts to its existing set of engagement or activation capabilities. 

Nadège Lharaig, Project Manager at Engie Foundation, added: "The Optimy software is the right solution for streamlining the request submission, we therefore operate with greater effectiveness by speeding up our procedures. And now, we can also manage projects overtime.” 

Optimy’s Employee Donations tool is available to new and existing customers from today, 12th September 2023. To find out more or to book a demo, please visit the Optimy website here.

About Optimy

Optimy offers the world’s most configurable social impact platform that enables any organization to manage and align its grant, volunteering, donation, and sponsorship programs. With Optimy, organizations can amplify their positive impact by building meaningful relationships with causes, communities, employees, and customers.

Today, over 350 organizations use Optimy to manage over 1.5M projects in 22 languages across 30 countries.

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