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Using workflows to cover the grant management cycle

by Ornella Schillaci
November 2, 2021 - Reading time: 2min
Using workflows to cover the grant management cycle

As a grant maker, your time must be well spent. Your goal is to be able to be more focused on how to find out which projects are worth funding. This shouldn't be the longest task even, once you have everything in place. But if it feels long and tedious, maybe using a workflow is a good. A workflow will help to cover the grant management cycle. It's a one-shot task and a long-termn investment. Once the workflow is in place, you are then able to fund the projects that will help meet your organisation’s objective and help your organisation grow. This will also mean that the budget will be well spent.

Ok, we have set the basis but are you comfortable with how to start with implementing workflows? If not, keep reading and find out the best advices that we provide you to make sure your grant management project is efficient.

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Plan precisely

Planning everything out precisely will help you see a clear vision of the overall grant process. You'll be able to know how everything runs within your organization. This means that you will understand easily and clearly how each task will trigger the next task. Planning is key.

Cut out unnecessary process

Once you’re able to see which task trigger the next, you will also be able to see which step is unnecessary to take and so you can take it out of the process to save some time. You can spend the remaining time on anything that requires more time. It's also a good strategy to find out what takes more time to make the workflow even better. Although workflow is a one time thing, you can always improve it whenever you want: there are always rooms for improvement.  

Contingency plan

Having a contingency plan can come handy. A contingency plan is useful if one process in the workflow doesn't go as planned. That way you can at least have a backup plan ready to set up.

And then what?

When these three steps are done, you can also ask yourself if a software is useful for your organization. According to us, it is. But you don't have to take a word for it, you can for instance take a look at what other fondations and corporations have achieved thanks to Optimy's all-in-one platform.

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