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Top 4 social impact podcasts to follow

by Optimy
April 27, 2022 - Reading Time: 2min
Top 4 social impact podcasts to follow

Needless to say, social impact in 2022 has become absolutely crucial for corporations and organizations in order to help them navigate and adapt to change. 

We can call it corporate giving, CSR, employee engagement, and so on, but the most important thing behind the terminology is the people

How to help, how to get help, and knowing the day-to-day value and impact are not easy tasks to do. However, these are very rewarding experiences. As a social impact professional, you learn about causes and opportunities to help every day. The empathic nature of these professionals makes it an amazing learning experience. Learning to identify the most urgent cause to support, learning to gain more time to give back more, learning from others. 

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Top 4 best podcasts for you to learn even more

The only way to improve yourself, your processes and your giving is to make time to learn. At Optimy, we want to be the best we can be at everything we do. We create and consume the resources that motivate social impact teams to become better every day. 

If you are a social impact professional, check out these podcasts to learn from industry experts. 

  1. The Non-profit leadership podcast 

The Non-Profit leadership podcast covers discussions over critical issues and trends facing non-profit professionals active in social innovation. Besides offering you advice from global non-profit professionals, this podcast will give you insights from mission-driven organizations and real industry success stories that inspire change.

  1. The Stanford Social Innovation Review podcast

The Stanford Social Innovation Review podcast combines talks and lectures by social change leaders. 

  1. The Fundraising talent podcast

The Fundraising talent podcast touches upon the most burning questions in fundraising.

  1. The Optimy podcast

The Optimy social impact podcast dives into different topics that are frequently on social impact professionals’ minds. Talks with industry experts on topics like: employee volunteering, grantmaking, sponsorship management, employee giving. 

Behind every social impact program, you have passionate people that know the value and impact they can make. Given the right resources and opportunities to grow and connect with peers is very important. 

We would love to hear from you. What other resources do you find valuable? Not just for your organizations, but for the people you are trying to help?

Focus on what you control in 2022 to achieve bigger, greater social impact!

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