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3 Key Takeaways from Salon Produrable

Lucie Godeau
September 20, 2023 -- 4min
3 Key Takeaways from Salon Produrable

We had a great time attending Salon Produrable, the one-of-a-kind event dedicated to sustainability and CSR in Paris, France on the 12th and 13th of September 2023.

During these two days, Optimy had the opportunity to meet many industry professionals (such as consultants, CSR professionals, and vendors focusing on employee engagement & sustainability), both during our solution workshop and at our booth.

Here are some key takeaways from Salon Produrable:

ESG, CSRD, and other reporting indicators are not a trend anymore but a real corporate necessity

The value of indicators such as ESG is no longer disputed. Robust ESG fundamentals are an indicator of how well your company will respond to external risk and signal long-term sustainability. 

Companies that comply with directives such as CSRD and are socially responsible enjoy more public support and are more likely to withstand an increasingly volatile economic and political environment. Such indicators are becoming increasingly prioritized by investors, as many investors look to invest in socially responsible, resilient companies that align with their values. 

Change will only happen if we accept the cultural part of it

Employee engagement programs are considered one of the main topics to focus on to be a responsible or sustainable company.

While widespread remote work has made life easier for many employees, it has also led to less interaction between employees. This is why engaging employees is becoming a bigger priority for companies all over the world. Engaged employees who feel a sense of belonging at work are easier to retain. 

Employees have a huge role to play in the transition towards a responsible company. Companies that enable employees to drive their social impact activities have a more engaged and satisfied workforce, as well as better work performance.

At Salon Produrable, we observed that employee engagement initiatives were diverse: some consisted of education on a specific topic such as climate change, others were about team-building or gamification around sustainability, and others encouraged volunteering. Going forward, we should observe how these activation modes interact with each other.

Technology and digital tools are increasingly leveraged to enable this transition

As they look to transition to more socially or environmentally responsible business models, companies need to enable organizational and cultural change on a large scale while ensuring that business performance continues to improve.

This is only possible if companies are able to maximize efficiency while also boosting productivity. Software tools are powerful aids that help companies achieve both objectives by reducing administrative work and enabling strategic thinking at a larger scale. 

At Optimy, we are very proud of being part of the “Tech for Good” ecosystem that strives to guarantee an innovative and sustainable transition. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about Salon Produrable or other events!

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