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Vision of sponsorship project

by Optimy
June 8, 2019 - Reading time: 2min
Vision of sponsorship project

You're working on a sponsorship project but you have troubles starting it,...because you don't know where to start and you're probably wondering how you are supposed to know what a successful project looks like. If you're facing the blank page, don't stress out: it's normal, you might just have to ask yourself some important questions before starting, in order to reach a successful sponsorship project.

Do your plans look put together?

When you look back at what you roughly had in mind as a plan for those projects, do they seem realistic and achievable? Is the budget realistic for what your goal is an what you would like to achieve? Sponsorship is a two way relationship, the more you expect, the more you have to be willing to give.

If you are unclear about where to begin, give this article a read to give you a perfect head start!

Infographics: first time sponsoring checklist

Do you have an objective to stick to?

An objective is something that’s really important when it comes to working on anything at all. This is one goal statement that will help you answer all questions throughout the project. Anything you plan to do to anything you need to decide can be decided based on the objective. Does the specific thing help you meet your goals according to the objective?

Do you have a goal to measure the success?

Let’s say you wanted more brand exposure, then that would be your main goal. The result of this project will be what is measurable to see whether or not you have reached your goal. Let’s say you would like to have 10,000 followers on Twitter, did you reach that amount? Close to your goals? Far from it? Be specific about the numbers.

Do you have a clear vision of the project’s workflow?

If you have things planned but don’t have a workflow, how are you supposed to know that everything will go as planned? What comes first or last? Sometimes a certain task is a trigger for another? In order to ensure that you have definitely planned this well and not missed anything out, a workflow is a must do and a not miss kind of thing. With a workflow, it will help everyone in the team have a clear vision. This can help everyone understand that everything that each of them do will help add value to the success of the project.

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