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People and Purpose at Optimy - Panos Papalexiou, UX/UI Designer

November 29th -- 3min
People and Purpose at Optimy - Panos Papalexiou, UX/UI Designer

Panos Papalexiou, our UX/UI Designer, is keen on exploring human-centric, interactive, and engaging design. Like many other Gen Z workers, Panos wants to be able to positively influence society through his work.

At Optimy, Panos has found a company that shares his desire to be a positive change in the world. We asked Panos about what motivates him in his work, and his experience working at Optimy so far.

Why did you choose Optimy?

Panos: There are multiple reasons but the main one was the purpose of the company. I just fell in love with the concept of helping people and communities create a sustainable future by amplifying their social impact.

Do you remember your first day?

Panos: Of course, it was a cold and rainy day but the welcome was warm enough to compensate for it.

What is your greatest strength/talent?

Panos: I would say that it is the ability to take on the other person's perspective and understand situations from a point of view outside of my own. That applies to both my personal and professional life since as a Designer, being able to grasp the end-user's needs, objectives, and pain points is key.

How do you feel about being in an international tech company?

Panos: I find it simply exhilarating and dynamic due to the fact that I can appreciate the diverse and innovative environment that comes with working in a global setting. On top of that, I have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds, gaining exposure to a variety of perspectives, and contributing to projects that have a broad impact.

‍In a typical workweek, what do you look forward to doing?

Panos: I look forward to using my problem-solving skills combined with creative design processes to provide great experiences for our users.

What are your highest priorities in life and how does your work fit in?

Panos: My highest priorities in life are tranquility, human relationships, personal well-being, and contributing to others' well-being as well. Hence I perceive my work as not just a means of earning a living but a platform for making a positive impact on the world. Thanks to this alignment between work and my personal priorities, I can enjoy a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

‍What creates a sense of purpose for you? Why do you come to work every day?

The sense of purpose that drives me to come to work every day is deeply rooted in the desire to create positive change using my personal skills and foster a world where compassion, equity, and well-being prevail.

Compared to older generations, younger workers like Panos are more conscious of their work’s ultimate impact on society and have a huge appetite to learn about other cultures. 

At Optimy, we provide an opportunity to work in a culturally diverse team and learn and grow while helping companies do good in the world. Download our Culture Playbook to learn more about Optimy’s culture. 

Consider us as the next step in your personal and professional growth. Apply to our open positions today to be a part of the Optimy team!

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