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Strategies to increase your sponsorship productivity

by Optimy
January 23, 2019 - Reading time: 4
Strategies to increase your sponsorship productivity

When it comes to increasing sponsorship productivity, we are talking about going back to the basics and understanding WHY you are doing WHAT you are doing. This infographic will be packed with tips on how you can increase your productivity as a sponsorship manager.

Setting ambitious & realistic goals

Going back to the basics to setting your goals and make it is as realistic as possible is very important because it can help set the tone for motivation throughout the whole process of the project. Just setting goals isn’t enough if it’s not achievable. But how to know whether you’ve achieved it? This time, make sure that it is something measurable so you know that you have achieved it.

You can easily measure by using data based on any information you have collected.Optimy tool will automatically collect any data that you have requested in order for you to compare results with all the projects that you run and see any patterns in the data so that you can have a report of what works well and what doesn’t. When you identified any issues – it can help you think of ways to solve the issue before it’s too late to be solved and you might find out that you need to change a strategy or assign different tasks to different person. You will save a lot more time than running the whole project and finding out later that it is not going to be successful and you may lose all your time and productivity over it.

Delegate tasks

Doing everything yourself isn’t going to increase your productivity when you have a team behind your back waiting for you to assign tasks to them. Delegating tasks should be the next thing you do as soon as you have set your goals, this way the whole process of the project runs as smoothly as possible – by delegating tasks accordingly means that everyone understands the goal and you as a leader delegate tasks to each individual that will be doing their thing to help you reach the goal and at the time time, increase productivity. Not only are you able to work on more projects but you will also be able to run many more successful projects.

Optimy’s task management tool is a tool that sponsorship managers can use to assign tasks to the team. This way, you can ensure that you will be taking action on the whole project knowing that you have not missed a step. Having a clear mind will help you focus on tasks better and this can help increase your productivity.

Set deadlines

After you have assigned the tasks to your team, it is important that some tasks have deadlines so you can achieve your organisation’s goals. When you set the tasks, ensure that you have a deadline if must, so that every tasks are done for when needed. Setting a deadline since the beginning will help save time on questioning when it should be done for and having a clear focusing just on the tasks itself can massively increase productivity due to the pressure of the deadline.

Team management

If you, as a leader oversee what everyone working on your project does, you can increase productivity through managing your team by knowing what each person is capable of doing and ensuring that they are spending time in the right areas. This will lead on to the next point where you can track and limit time.

Track and limit time

Understanding where, what, and why you are spending your time on is very important because sometimes you will notice spending more time on tasks that are not as important as other tasks. When you have identified this, you can be spending time where matters more.Optimy tool will send an email digest directly to your email helping you to oversee where most time is spent on. This will help you identify whether or not some tasks deserve more time and which tasks should take less time to do.

And that's how you put in place a strategy to increase productivity as a sponsor!

With this infographic and those tips to put strategies to increase productivity in your sponsorship management, you are all set up to make great things!---Go further with your sponsorship.Try our sponsorship management software: get a free demo of Optimy here.

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