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How to use effective grant management process

by Optimy
January 10, 2019 - Reading time: 2min
How to use effective grant management process

If you are struggling with managing your projects, tracking the impact of your grant program or reporting the results, we have a solution to help make your grant management process easier and smarter.  

Let’s start at the beginning. What are the most important steps in grant management?

  1. Request management

You are getting more and more requests. Emails, phone calls, letters. Sorting them out, responding to each of them - it all takes a lot of time. How about directing all your requests to a central point of collection? Instead of having an unsorted pile of different files, you can streamline the flow of incoming requests in a standardised format and ensure a systematic response to each.

  1. Project management

You have chosen the right projects. Next step: project management. Project planning, defining project goals, identifying and assigning tasks, determining budgets and timelines, sharing documents. Wouldn’t it be good to do it all from one single place? Sure it would! You don’t need to manage all your projects in an spreadsheet, Optimy software covers your complete workflow, including all aspects of project management.

  1. Assessment

It is vital to have an insight on the results of your project. With Optimy, you can keep an eye on the impact of your projects. You can automatically calculate a score for each project based on your criteria and easily compare them by their weighted averages and impact over time.

  1. Audit

Last but not least: was your effort worthwhile? It’s important to check! Ask for feedback- what was good? What could be improved? With Optimy’s software you can generate an overall view of your activities at a group level and collect data to generate reports and graphs.

Remember, Optimy can cover all aspects of your grant management. Our tool is continuously updated and developed with the help of feedback and expertise from foundations.

Do you still have some doubts? Let us help:

  • Grant management software is too expensive.

Not true!

Thanks to an efficient business model, Optimy keeps a cost-effective price. Here at Optimy, we are selecting with you the most suitable features to put in place and drawing a plan to define your Optimy set-up. Moreover, you pay only for the features that you really need. Click here to find out more.

  • The implementation of a grant management software is long and difficult.

Again, not at all! We will guide you during the implementation and even take care of it on your behalf if needed. Moreover, the software can be seamlessly integrated with other systems.

If you still have some questions about our grant management software, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team will get back to you with all the requested information!

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