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3 employee engagement ideas for a remote workforce

by Optimy
April 27, 2022 - Reading Time 2min
3 employee engagement ideas for a remote workforce

In response to the global pandemic, working from home shifted from a company perk to an essential requirement. When we think of employee engagement, the first thing that comes to mind is the logistical challenge. However, there are ways to improve employee engagement for home working teams. We asked our customer community and put together some ideas that will help you reconnect with your employees, no matter where they are located.

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#Listen to your people 

Employee engagement starts with the feeling of being included. Being included means showing that you care about them.

Even before starting to define your employee engagement strategy, create an employee listening strategy. Allow your employees to communicate how they feel, what matters most to them. Especially, in a home working environment, creating activities that connect people together gives  your employees a sense that you are listening, that you care. Fortunately, there are numerous ways of organizing these events, even remotely. From company virtual gatherings to online volunteering or donations. By opening up these channels you will easily facilitate a giving back flow that will support creating a collaborative workplace. Corporate giving is known to have a great benefit for company culture. Your employees become the driving force behind your giving programs and their ideas will really make an impact. 

#Celebrate small victories

Your employees must feel valued and appreciated. With the traditional quarterly meet-ups to go through company achievements don’t have to stop there. Small celebrations of things that matter to your employees, a launch of a new social impact program, you will reward employees for their hard work and help them foster strong relationships within their teams. A simple dashboard that can show you the progress of your corporate giving program will make it simple to celebrate small victories and make your employees feel like they matter. 

#Focus on health

Your employees need to feel healthy to operate at maximum potential. It’s not only about physical health, so make sure you address mental and emotional health as well. With an amplified feeling of loneliness while remote working, it is every employer’s responsibility to address this issue. 

Ask your employees to get involved, delegate responsibilities when it comes to employee engagement. Give them autonomy to get involved, to be part of planning things, to create social spaces, to have fruitful conversations or to simply have a laugh. Aim at creating a culture that includes both positivity and productivity. 

And if ever in need to manage all your activities with one single platform, you know who you can turn to. Right?

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