Make your employees volunteer to do good

Be a mission-driven company and create a real impact that matches your values. Whether you want to create volunteering programs or donations, Optimy provides you a powerful employee engagement and retention platform. 

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Maintain a purpose-driven culture within your company

Your employees want more than the daily commute, work, sleep routine. Let them take part in volunteer activities. Create a real purpose-driven culture and a positive environment.

Engage your employees

Let your employees participate in causes that matter via the online platform Optimy. Select missions that match their skills and keep track of their projects and investment.

Support local causes

Underline your organization’s values by supporting local causes in every domain you care about: sustainability, well-being, social impact, gender equality…

Measure your impact

Get a concrete overview of the impact driven by youremployees, using real-time data, reports, custom KPIs and projects milestones.


Follow the status of your volunteer projects

1. Motivate volunteering applications

With Optimy volunteering management software, your team can do a lot more. From searching the best fit to sharing their volunteering activities, and personalizing their profile, they can easily feel the sense of belonging. The online platform gathers all the features they need to get involved in missions and to do even more good.

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2. Select projects that creates an impact

Optimy technology helps you simplify your volunteer management, by matching the skills of your community to the needs of nonprofits, in a sustainable way. Our smart tools make sure you select missions that drive the biggest impact and that fit your culture and values.

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3. Manage your volunteering projects

Imagine a way for you to keep track of all volunteering projects, time spent, milestones reached and results achieved. Optimy is that for you. Plus, you can get feedback from employees to improve your volunteering program and make their experience better with communication and sharing tools.

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4. Measure results and improve with reports

The back-end platform gives you, as the admin, easy-to-use report tools and real-time dashboard. You can measure your impact with our ready-to-use data so you can do even more and improve quickly your volunteering program, if needed.

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How Optimy helps them with their volunteering

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Encourage your employees to get involved in corporate giving and volunteering activities
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