Grantmaking made easy, simple, efficient.

Manage your grantmaking activities easily and efficiently. No more administrative trouble. With Optimy’s automation and clear overview of your activities, you can save time, automate recurring tasks, track funding allocations, and maximize your grantmaking impact. 

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Increasing your impact by streamlining grantmaking 

Increasing the number of grants, creating a collaborative system for internal and external people, and building relationships with the grant applicants include many administrative and operational tasks. Good news: it doesn’t have to be that way.

Less administrative work

Set up your Optimy platform once, depending on your projects.’re ready to jump in and do even more good.

No Excel mess

Excel is outdated and its limitations are time-consuming. Gather data, stay in touch with everyone and get all the info centralized.

Time saving

Use our all-in-one platform to do everything. The equation goes: one tool + add-ons matching your social impact project…= A lot of time saved.


Cover each phase of your grant lifecycle

1. Collect grant applications

Easily collect detailed, qualitative and pertinent grant applications. Gather data via your custom forms, online portals and data import. With Optimy, it is easy to search and gather the applications you received, and even easier to review them.

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2. Review and select grant applications

Review the data and applications collect easily and clearly. You can then select the best grant applications, with automatic ranking, scoring, smart filters,... Want to get in touch with applicants? The automatic replies are here to help you with that. All that on the same platform.

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3. Manage your grantmaking projects

Make sure your grantmaking projects run smoothly and enjoy a fluid communication and collaboration within your teams. With tasks, messaging, calendar, budget,... Optimy onboards powerful project management features.

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4. Get beautiful and powerful grant reports

Data is at the heart of Optimy technology: enjoy real-time reports and graphs, project reports, budget reports,... Measure your impact using Optimy AI tools.

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Success stories

Successful grant management stories

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