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Valuable partnerships to increase your social impact

With Optimy’s all-in-one-platform, you can help your clients drive a better impact through social and CSR initiatives. We partner with innovative and qualitative players providing tools and way to reach new areas of growth.

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The best social impact tool for your clients

You deserve the best technology to create an impact. Optimy platform gathers the power of digital and data to create optimized workflows. With our flexible and reliable platform, you make work simple and you can focus on helping your clients with their strategy.

Useful technology

Your clients’ everyday tasks made easy with the best platform to digitalize their activities and automate their processes.

Qualitative insight

With their data and results, your clients can build a qualitative knowledge base.

Efficiency at its finest

A new efficient technology brought to existing customers and potential prospects.

Direct Revenue

From your dashboard, you can get an overview on your budget, your projects and thus know if you generated more revenue selling additional services.

Dedicated support

No need to be left alone: our end-to-end support from ourcustomer success team andPlatform is available to empower your clients.

Flexible tool

Optimy is a flexible tool that aligns with your current workflows, reality and needs. Customized add-ons are available to personalize your Optimy experience.


Don’t take our word for it

Many agencies and partners are already equipped to drive amazing value. What about you?
Lindsey C - Community Specialist

We needed a way to show our senior leadership team that marketing was producing results, and that’s hard when your metrics are scattered. The Optimy dashboard saved the day.

Lindsey C, Community Specialist

Optimy allows us to review projects in a better way. It's really useful to keep track of each project and trackback the evaluation that was done. Everything is very findable and manageable.

Pablo D, Coordinator of the Commission

Optimy helped us to be more aligned across our projects and I like that it’s and online tool. With these times we are living, the tool has a big positive impact on how we work as a team.

Xio F, Project Manager
how THE PLATFORm works

The online all-in-one platform that does it all

The online all-in-one platform for your nonprofits projects

Forget about shattered
applications: easily collect qualitative applications in no time.

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Be sure to select the right projects, with the help of smart technology and filters.

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The online all-in-one platform for your nonprofits projects

Run smooth impact projects and fluid collaboration
with the support of the platform.

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Get all the reports you need in real time and design killer reports to highlight your impact strategy.

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