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How Lexington Medical Center's Optimy Implementation enhance its Sponsorship and Grant Management

Witness how traditional paper processes give way to streamlined digital operations, marking a significant step forward in healthcare philanthropy.

"I've been a strong advocate for using a SaaS solution such as Optimy for a while, and I want to express my gratitude to the team that helped us bring this tool to life. Kate has been fantastic—always responsive and a pleasure to work with."
Thomas Tafel
Director of Community Health at Lexington Medical Center

About Lexington Medical Center

Lexington Medical Center is a 607-bed teaching hospital in West Columbia, South Carolina. It anchors a health care network that includes five community medical centers and employs a staff of more than 8,000 health care professionals. With a commitment to holistic well-being, the medical center extends its impact beyond patient care to actively support nonprofits through sponsorships and grants.



Lexington Medical Center faced challenges in managing sponsorships and grants, which historically were handled through disparate methods such as Excel spreadsheets, emails, mail, and fax. This fragmented approach led to inefficiencies, data silos, and increased administrative burdens. Seeking a streamlined solution to aggregate and manage sponsorship and grant-related data, Thomas Tafel embarked on a search for a comprehensive platform.


In the quest for a solution, Thomas Tafel discovered Optimy. Recognizing the Medical Center's need to centralize data and simplify administrative processes, the Optimy team implemented their sponsorship form during the summer. Additionally, they are currently in the process of implementing the grant form, with plans for it to go live in the spring. This transition marks a significant shift from a historical reliance on manual and, for some tasks, even paper-based grant processes, to a cutting-edge digital one. 


Lexington Medical Center anticipates significant improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of their sponsorship and grant processes. The Optimy platform not only aggregates information but also provides valuable data on the backend, streamlining administrative tasks. The grant process, which historically supported 20 to 25 organizations annually, will now undergo a digital transformation, moving away from paper-based workflows.

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