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People and Purpose at Optimy: Manahil Saeed, Business Development Team Manager

September 27, 2023 -- 3min
People and Purpose at Optimy: Manahil Saeed, Business Development Team Manager

To make meaningful and sustainable progress toward gender equality, companies need to make a concerted effort to create a culture that enables women in leadership positions to thrive.

Manahil Saeed, our Business Development Team Manager, recently joined Optimy and has hit the ground running as a dynamic sales professional and coach.

Why did you choose Optimy?

Manahil: I loved that at Optimy I could help make CSR teams' lives easier and amplify their social impact, giving me purpose and meaning in my work life, while still working in a commercial role. 

Do you remember your first day? 

Manahil: I remember a mix of nerves and excitement! Was great to get to know the diverse set of people that make up our team. 

What is your greatest strength/talent?

Manahil: I'd say my interpersonal communication skills across cultures would be one of my main strengths. They help me to communicate and coordinate effectively with my teams that reside on 2 separate continents and also help me be a bridge between many different departments. 

How do you feel about being a female leader in a tech company?

Manahil: There needs to be more women in Sales and more women in tech, especially more women of color in leadership roles, so being at the intersection of all that is something I value greatly. Hopefully, it gives more women the belief that they can pursue such a leadership path as well. 

In a typical workweek, what do you look forward to doing? 

Manahil: The highlights of my week usually include the knowledge share, coaching, and mentoring sessions with my team. 

What are your highest priorities in life and how does your work fit in?

Manahil: I'm working to build a sustainable and fulfilling career in Sales to live life on my own terms. This role gives me the autonomy and opportunity to pursue that. 

What creates a sense of purpose for you? Why do you come to work every day? 

Manahil: The ability to coach my team to set a solid foundation for their sales careers gives me a lot of energy and purpose to come into work and give it my all. 

Company policies like flexible work and promoting employee health and well-being can help level the playing field and allow women to progress in leadership positions, which is why they are core tenets of our company culture at Optimy. Download our Culture Playbook to learn more about our culture. 

If you’d like to work in a culturally diverse team and learn and grow while helping companies do good in the world, you should consider Optimy as the next step in your personal and professional growth. Apply to our open positions today to be a part of the Optimy team!

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