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Grant seekers, there is a way to FixTheForm

Ornella Schillaci
February 18, 2022 - Reading time: 2min
Grant seekers, there is a way to FixTheForm

As a grant manager, your tasks are complex and time-consuming. Just think about the grant application process, right? 

Running after time is a real struggle. At the end of the day, all you want is to be able to do even more good by supporting inspiring causes. And everything that can help you do that is more than welcome, right? 

More time saved = more social impact 

It is true that some tasks are inevitable. Some still require a human touch, people support, and personal examination. Thank God not everything is digitalized. However, the advantages that digitalization can bring to the grant application process are enormous in terms of time saved. Just think about all the things that you would be able to achieve, all the new projects that you could start, if only you didn't spend that much time on repetitive manual tasks. 

At Optimy, we preach that automation and digitalization, together with a customized offer from intuitive software can help you a lot. Thus it is equally important for us to understand what is keeping you from managing your time the best way. 

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Where is your time lost? 

A recent study did show that grants applications are often repetitive. The Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG) did prove that grantmakers often include the same questions in their form, and yet, do that all over again every time. The amount of questions duplicated in grant forms leads grant seekers to waste a lot of time during the application process. But as a non-profit, grant seekers shouldn't lose that much time on process and time-consuming tasks like this one. Yet, there are blocking points that should be addressed. 

And to know more about these, the FixTheForm initiative was launched in November 2020 and aimed at grant seekers. The goal? Gather the main blocking points that keep them from being more efficient and productive in the process of building a grant form. It took less than a month for the survey to collect more than 500 responses, across nine countries. You can find out more about the results on FixTheForm's website here.

Build your own personalized form

One thing that can help you is most certainly to have certain liberty when building your form. This might be a dream come true. With the proper all-in-one platform with features that match your needs and ambitions, it is totally possible to build an efficient form that won't keep you busy too long and that will be pleasant to fill in for your applicants. With customized branding, chosen questions, the possibility to add open and closed questions, and to receive all the applications in one single tool with all the data and information required, you might just start loving this task of yours.

Feedback is key, your opinion matters

If you've already shared your blocking points by taking part in the FixTheForm survey, that's great. These kinds of initiatives are worth being supported and spread, so don't hesitate to share them with your network. Nevertheless, you can also reach out to us or to your Account Executive so we can receive your direct feedback and take it into account when making new developments on your Optimy platform. Your opinion matters. 

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