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Giving Tuesday, giving everyday

by Ornella Schillaci
November 3, 2021 - Reading time: 4min
Giving Tuesday, giving everyday

The Giving Tuesday generosity movement that was born in 2012 is taking place each year, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Each year one can easily notice that a lot of people, communities, local groups, companies, organizations and non-profits get involved and take action by organizing various social good activities for Giving Tuesday.

Somehow ending the month of November and entering the holiday season with Giving Tuesday gives another flavour to the end-of-year celebrations. We are so used of consuming a lot in gifts and foods and decorations, right? What good does it bring on society though?

When you think about it, Giving Tuesday proves that we can act smarter, and give back to society in more conscious ways. Whether it is by giving time, goods and/or money to people and communities who need it most or by participating in activities linked to one of the numerous social impact topics that matter to oneself, Giving Tuesday gathers more and more people each year.

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The Covid19 #GivingTuesdayNow

In 2020, with the pandemic devastating everybody’s daily life, #GivingTuesdayNow was organized earlier, in May and gathered more than 140 countries. During this day, millions of people showed generosity, help, donations of goods and services, time and money for a lot of different causes and extra care for friends, and family. 

This showed how much people wanted to do something, it was seen as an emergency action given the unprecedented situation that touched every country in the world. More than 90 companies got involved by organizing fundraising, volunteering and donations.

If in one day, so many people and organizations can do so much, why can’t we do the same all year long? So while you’re planning your Giving Tuesday strategy, keep that in mind: giving everyday is even better.

Creativity is key

As Giving Tuesday is a well-known event in philanthropy and fundraising fields, maybe it could be a great idea to show how creative you can be by organizing campaigns that are out of the ordinary. 

We can guess the anxiety in your eyes, behind your screen.
First, no need to do big noisy campaigning. Thinking small doesn’t mean minimizing the importance of Giving Tuesday. You want to focus on donating money, that’s good: instead of trying to gather large donations, you can rather focus on encouraging a lot of donors to give reasonable donations. Small amounts are easiest to give but reach more people.

Then, if you want to encourage your team to donate, there is always the matching gifts idea. This philanthropy idea means that you’ll financially match the amount of the donations that your employees made. This way, you increase the impact and generosity of your employees, even if they decided to go for a small donation amount.

Make it easy

It shouldn’t be difficult to organize, plan, structure and keep track of your Giving Tuesday program or even your corporate giving program. Make it easy, intuitive, pleasant by set up. Yes, we’re suggesting you use a tool and not paper or Excel sheet.

Take a look at what you can do with a all-in-one platform for your social impact activities. And let us know what you think. 

Make it last

As some 40% of people getting involved in Giving Tuesday are new donors, it might be a good idea to think about making Giving Tuesday an everyday activity or at least an all-year project. Think of it as a great opportunity to reach out to new audiences that showed interest in fundraising during your Giving Tuesday campaign.

If this is not something you’re used to, you might then want to think about it. As you’re thanking every participant of your Giving Tuesday program the next day, start promoting and giving visibility to other activities and corporate giving initiatives you’d like to set up for your volunteering or donations program.

Again, there are tips on how to make the most out of your CSR and social impact strategy but it’s not the purpose here.

The goal is to make you understand how important, valuable and relevant it is to make your Giving Tuesday effort last: helping is never overrated. And once you're willing to set it up for your own team, then go for it: we've gathered every thing you need to know in a downloadable ebook so ask for your free Giving Tuesday guide now. The ebook also exists in French, here.

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