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6 Values That Define Our Company Culture at Optimy

May 23, 2023 -- 4min
6 Values That Define Our Company Culture at Optimy

At Optimy, we seek constant improvement and excellence in every aspect of our organization. Our employees are talented people, and we believe in empowering them to drive the evolution of our culture. 

To get our organizational culture right, company leadership decided to be very intentional from the beginning. Employees determine the course of a company’s culture more than anything else.

“Organizational culture actually plays a very important role at Optimy … Accomplishments are praised and shared. Taking time for a laugh and even a proper lunch is encouraged. Autonomy, hybrid work-from-home model, relaxed atmosphere, flexible software that allows and encourages creativity, mistakes are ok and are shared so we can learn together.” - Kate Ellis, Customer Success Executive

We follow some fundamental principles in the everyday functioning of our company which act as our north star as we work to serve our customers better and amplify their social and business impact: 

  1. Belonging
    At Optimy, we can be our authentic selves, and feel comfortable enough to be transparent with others around us. We connect with each other despite our differences and appreciate what others bring to the group because of their differences. With a genuine desire for meaningful and authentic relationships, we feel secure, appreciated, included, and like an equal member of our community. We value others and their opinions, and for who they are. We feel like we’re at the right place for us.
  1. Respect
    We trust our people and give them autonomy to use their competencies to achieve their (and the company’s) objectives. People deserve to be treated with respect, so we work hard to only give constructive feedback to employees. Treating others with respect also means appreciating other people's achievements and recognizing their efforts. We communicate and act in a respectful way, especially when we disagree.
  2. Ownership
    Our team is driven and self-motivated. We take the initiative to get things done and proactively seek to improve our processes and work. We believe ownership is the secret to developing the leaders of tomorrow, and we give our employees opportunities to own their success and contribute to corporate goals, no matter their seniority. 
  1. Caring
    We believe in fostering a sense of empathy within our people and also our company policies. We take a genuine interest in the success of our peers and consider their needs our own. Sometimes our colleagues need a hand, and we jump at the opportunity to help them out. We work hard to maintain a customer-centric culture and are constantly seeking solutions to solve their challenges and help them amplify their social impact.
  2. Growth
    One of our goals is to create a culture of personal and professional growth. At every opportunity, we are curious and open to learning new things. We are open to new challenges and are given the freedom to take risks. We ensure that everyone knows the company’s objectives, and enable our employees to help Optimy grow with every action and decision they take. We encourage employees to act on their ambition in an inclusive and healthy way.
  3. Composure
    Sharing wisdom and perspective in times of crisis helps foster a sense of calm and shared responsibility throughout the organization. We are kind to our people and stress the need to think before reacting, communicating, or acting. We take decisions at the right speed and plan our actions with coherence. We are emotionally intelligent and always control ourselves. We keep calm in the most difficult situations and always reassure our colleagues. 

“At Optimy I was encouraged to share my feedback, opinions, and thoughts. I was never given a dry list of tasks, on the contrary, there is always room for creativity, changes are welcomed, and innovative ideas are embraced. I love the fact that there is not a strong sense of hierarchy, and that trust is the foundation of our working relationships.”- Nikoletta Maniati, Customer Success Manager

These 6 values make Optimy a special place to learn and grow. We feel lucky and proud to be part of an extraordinary team that embodies these values. As we grow over the years to come, fostering Optimy’s culture will continue to be a top priority.

If our values resonate with you and describe an environment that you’d thrive in, we would love to get to know you!

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