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5 Best Grant Management Software Providers

October 30th, 2023 -- 4min
5 Best Grant Management Software Providers

At Optimy, we often speak to organizations that want to improve their grant management processes. They need to process a high volume of applications, manage a growing number of program administrators and reviewers, and report on their programs. 

Why do they turn to us?

Because most organizations nowadays cannot function without a reliable grant management solution. Optimy is one of the best platforms for grant management because we help any organization streamline their grant management workflow, track all aspects of their program, and report on their positive impact in real time.

In this article, we'll show you which grant management software providers you should consider.

What is grant management software?

Grant management software is a technological solution that enables the management of grants, funding, and so on. It enables you to effectively communicate internally and with your charitable partners, assess grants by a review panel, build useful workflows, and report on your program’s impact.

Here are the 5 best grant management software providers:

  1. Optimy
    Optimy's grant management solution stands out amongst its competitors in terms of configurability and ease of use. Our platform can be adapted to your unique grantmaking process, and you can pay only for the features you need. You can generate custom reports using real-time data and communicate your impact to both internal and external stakeholders. 

Why is Optimy the best grant management software?

Optimy is the world's best grant management software because it combines ease of use with best-in-class configurability. Here are some of the features of the Optimy platform:

  • Most configurable grant management platform.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • ISO27001 Certification & GDPR compliance.
  • Expert support team of CSR experts.
  • 22+ languages.
  • Automated workflows.
  • DocuSign eSignature.
  • Cost-effective and affordable.

Optimy pricing

Our highly configurable platform can be tailored to your specific needs without you needing to pay for features you do not require. Our powerful add-ons allow you to start with the features you need and then add more as and when you need to. 

Contact our expert team to determine your requirements and get a personalized quote tailored to your needs.

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Other grant management solution providers

  1. Benevity
    Benevity’s grant management product scales your social impact by streamlining, growing and tracking the impact of your corporate grants. With Benevity, your program is easier and more efficient to run, your team can focus on grant applications that meet your impact-specific criteria and they’ll know exactly where every application is in the approval process. 

Benevity features

  • Automated workflows
  • Database of vetted organizations
  • Built-in reporting

Benevity pricing

Benevity offers various paid plans for enterprises and other organizations.

  1. Blackbaud
    Blackbaud’s grant management solution enhances strategic communication, outcomes, and reporting capabilities powered by a modern, integrated, open platform that can be configured to your unique processes. You can ensure maximum impact from your grants with unmatched insight into your programs and outcomes.

Blackbaud features

  • Insight into your programs and outcomes
  • Intuitive grants workflow 
  • Financial integrations
  • Clear communication tools

Blackbaud pricing

Blackbaud offers personalized pricing according to your organization’s needs.

  1. Submittable
    Submittable’s grant management software helps you streamline your grant program’s messy administrative work, launch fast, and focus more on making change happen. With Submittable, you can easily manage their program with automations, permission levels, and intuitive form and workflow builders. 

Submittable features

  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Email templates for bulk emails
  • Collaboration tools
  • Reporting tools

Submittable pricing

Starter, Pro, and Enterprise plans with the ability to add additional products for employee engagement.

  1. Cybergrants
    Cybergrants streamlines the entire process for grantmakers and grantseekers alike. You can receive access to their flexible workflow engine so you can spend less time tracking applications, creating reports, and seeking administrative approval. 

Cybergrants features

  • Grant assessment workflows
  • Role-based access
  • Track grant allocations
  • Checking watchlists and tax-status databases

Cybergrants pricing

Cybergrants’ pricing model is a combination of one-time implementation costs based on the complexity of your needs and program components, and ongoing licensing fees dependent upon the number and types of users.

Why do you need a grant management solution?

Thanks to a well-managed grant program, you can increase transparency and build trust with stakeholders. You can enhance collaboration and ensure you have full visibility over all aspects of your grants program. 

Improving your grant management process helps you organize every stage of grant funding from start to finish. Investing in the right grant management solution for your organization will generate a meaningful return on investment that goes beyond financial returns.

Request a demo today and learn how Optimy can help you amplify your impact!

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