Towards impact-centric evaluation for better decision-making

How to leverage technology to run wider and smoother project selection and evaluation? Watch our Webinar on our New Evaluation Platform Launch!

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Watch our insightful 45-minute webinar as we unveil our New Optimy Evaluation Add-on, a comprehensive solution designed to address the evolving needs of project evaluation in CSR and Social Impact.

What We Cover

  • Present the current Evaluation Landscape and the prevalent use of automated tools for project evaluation of CSR and Social Impact initiatives.
  • Discuss the evolving Social Impact environment and technological advances, focusing on Impact-Centric Evaluation.
  • Provide a brief overview of the new Evaluation add-on and its key features, including enhanced user experience, automated workflows, and stakeholder engagement tools.

Why Watch

  • Gain insights into effective project evaluation in the CSR and Social Impact landscape and understand challenges and potential solutions for an increased branded experience and higher impact project evaluation.
  • Explore the benefits of evaluation automation in transparency and decision-making.
  • Discover how our Evaluation add-on would suit your use cases.

the speakers

Igor Saverchenko

Product Manager at Optimy

Olivier Decroupette

Chief Product Officer at Optimy

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