Measuring vs Reporting on Social Impact: The Secret to Telling Engaging Impact Stories

Learn how streamlining your impact reporting processes can help you tell more engaging impact stories, and how data can really make a difference to your impact reporting goals and objectives in 2024.

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Noted industry expert Stephanie Robertson, Founder and CEO of SiMPACT Strategy Group joined Aaron Szeto from Optimy and shared insights from her time helping many leading North American corporations streamline their impact reporting practices and tell engaging impact stories that captivate stakeholders.

During this 45-minute webinar, we discussed:

  • Measuring impact vs reporting on impact – which should be your priority?
  • Is there a secret to telling impact stories that engage employees, customers, and partners?
  • How to get report-ready information from your community partners?
  • How your company should leverage technology to streamline its impact reporting processes.

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the speakers

Stephanie Robertson

Stephanie Robertson is SiMpact Strategy Group's Founder & CEO

Aaron Szeto

Aaron Szeto is a Senior Account Executive at Optimy.

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