4 steps to launching a successful corporate impact investing strategy

Corporate impact investing can help your business build an innovative social impact toolbox to amplify its social and business impact. Learn about corporate impact investing - and how you can get started - by watching our free webinar.

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Learn how to launch a corporate impact investing strategy from two industry experts.

Increasingly, corporations are turning to impact investing to complement grants, partnerships, and other tools in their CSR toolbox, generating strategic, financial, and social returns.

Watch our 45-minute webinar to learn more about:

  • What impact investing is;
  • How does impact investing help further the social impact goals of corporations;
  • Who is doing it;
  • Where you should start, and what you should keep in mind when launching a corporate impact investing strategy.

This webinar was hosted by Optimy, with 2 industry experts, Marius Ehrlinspiel from Wider Sense Agency and Ryan Grant Little from RGL Strategic.

the speakers

Marius Ehrlinspiel

Marius is a Senior Consultant at Wider Sense, Germany’s leading CSR consultancy. His focus is on strategy and organizational development in service of impact. Trained as an agricultural economist, his sustainability expertise has taken him to projects as far away as Iraq.

Ryan Grant Little

Ryan is a Vienna-based independent consultant working in the fields of impact investing, social innovation, technology for good, and corporate social responsibility. He is a serial entrepreneur and manages a personal climatetech angel investment portfolio of 25+ companies.

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