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Understand the “Custom Status Permissions” add-on and how to match it to your workflow.

Optimize your project management workflow with our "Custom Status" add-on. Watch our tutorial to discover how to tailor project statuses to align perfectly with your organization's processes.

Optimy Tutorials - Custom Status Permissions
Optimy Tutorials - Document Template Permissions
Learn how to use the “Document templates permissions” add-on to streamline your document generation process.

Watch our tutorial on the “Document templates permissions” add-on and learn how to create customized templates to automate and expedite your document workflows.

Dive into the “Budget Export” add-on to export and analyze your project data with ease.

Maximize your project insights with our "Budget Export" feature tutorial. Learn how to export and analyze your budget data with ease, gaining valuable insights to drive informed decision-making.

Optimy Tutorials - Budget Export
Optimy Tutorials - XML SEPA
Gain insight into the “XML SEPA” add-on for efficient payment management.

Simplify your payment management process with our XML SEPA add-on. Explore the benefits of this feature by watching our tutorial, and learn how to streamline your financial operations!

DocuSign eSignature

DocuSign in Optimy is the most convenient way for you to gather e-signed agreements and other contracts from your applicants and awardees.

Messaging and communication

Send emails directly from the project page to ensure all communication is stored directly in the system and doesn’t get lost.

Form access rights

Host other entities on the platform with full privacy. Create a wall between different forms and teams and control access, while benefiting from a global overview to see what is happening on a group level.

Budget management

Manage and keep track of all your payments, and always stay on top of allocated funds for each project.

Superior customer support

Our expert support team acts as a true partner in enabling the success of your programs and helps you get the most out of Optimy.

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