With Optimy select, you have one central dashboard to view all applications you have collected. The dashboard gives you the power to rank, answer, and give feedback to your applicants. Filter or share requests and applications with relevant people in your team to keep everyone up-to-date. Giving you a streamlined way to make your responses personal and impactful.


A Centralised Dashboard

View all the applications/requests in one place. All essential information including statuses, graphs, tasks, and real-time updates are easily visible.

Application Overview

Get a detailed overview of every application. Preview, edit, and audit your projects on one page, ensuring nothing escapes your notice.

Rank Applications

Rank your applications/requests based on your own criteria and view the scores of other users. You’ll be able to see in a glance which applicants fit with your company’s values.

Automatic Answers

Automatically send a reply based on defined criteria so none of your applicants are ever left in the dark!

Application Feedback

Enable applicants to easily give valuable feedback. Learn and optimise your application process with the help of unbiased users.

Automatic Filtering

You can automatically pre-screen incoming applications /requests and decline applications if they do not match the criteria.

Automatic Delegation

Automatically assign applications/requests to the appropriate team member based on criteria you establish. Making sure that everyone knows what needs to be done.


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