Extract all data from the solution in a multitude of formats to aid with any reporting needs and evaluate your return on investment.


Data Export

Export data from the Solution to PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, CVS and much more.

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PDF Templates

Generate PDF reports using custom templates and align your brand to your reports.

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View basic statistical information regarding users, forms, projects and storage space.

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Generate custom charts using information about requests and projects.

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View your applications/requests from around the world on a map to gain a quick visual overview.

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Get an overview of received applications in a calendar view, never miss an important date or up-coming project.

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Word Document Generator

Have to send out contracts, letters, agreements etc.? With this feature, you can design and create custom word documents. The data is then auto-filled from your projects into the corresponding places such as names, project name, amounts etc. with just one click!

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Budget Tracking

Manage and keep track of your budget throughout the life of your projects. Stay on top of your outcomes and maintain control of your accounts.

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Follow-up Surveys

Evaluate the impact of your activities by sending out follow up surveys to the project owners. Gain feedback from people on the other side of your projects and adapt and grow from past evaluations.

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Automatic Ranking

Rank your applications and requests based on your own criteria and view the scores of other users. Making it as easy and as quick as possible to evaluate your requests.

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Evaluation Platform

Select and invite your external peers and experts to review and evaluate projects. Don’t just take the advice from your project owners, find out the opinions of your associates.

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