Optimy Collect

Easily collect requests via custom forms right on your website. Design and use custom forms to seamlessly capture applications.

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Design and Create Custom Forms

Collecting requests has never looked so good! Optimy allows you to design custom branded request forms to integrate within your website.

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Import Existing Data and Requests

Have existing data and previous requests? No worries! Transferring the data into Optimy is harmonious and incessant.

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Project owner interfaces

Custom Domain Name

It’s all about YOU. You get a custom domain to access your dashboard. Totally secure and only for your eyes.

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Add a contact

Contact Management

Gather and centralize all your contacts in one place. Manipulate the contacts however you want! Search, filter, export–The tool is your oyster!

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Design and create more than one submission platform to correspond with different branches of your organization.

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