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Helping nonprofit, private & public foundations digitize their grant distribution process from A to Z.

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What is it?

The Optimy Nonprofit Foundation Program enables nonprofit organisations and foundations to digitize their grant distribution process in the most cost-efficient way possible, including the management of:

  • Call-for-projects
  • Project evaluations
  • Applications
  • Fund distribution
  • Impact reporting
  • Others

Frequently Asked Questions

Capture the information you need, without overwhelming your applicants. Choose answer types, accept file uploads, and more.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any nonprofit organization or foundation that is not affiliated with, or part of, a commercial company or entity, with a maximum annual funding budget of EUR500.000 / CAD750.000 / USD550.000 

How to apply for the program?

Simply fill out the application form below. Once we’ve received your application, we will vet it and you’ll receive an answer from us to confirm your eligibility or not. Once your application has been approved, it will remain valid for 3 months. 

How many languages are available?

Optimy is available in 23 languages, and... counting. Use the flexibility of Optimy to free your impact from borders and never worry about language barriers.

What is grant management software?

Grants management software is a technological solution that enables the management of grants, funding, etc. It enables you to effectively communicate internally and with your charitable partners, assess grants by a review panel, build useful workflows and report on your program’s impact.

Trusted by thousands of users worldwide

They have to apply for money and once they get money, they distribute it to the schools. They filled out the application form of our customer Stanley Thomas Foundation and they loved the process. Before it looked complex and outdated, but now they really liked it and are interested in our system for the second part of their activities (distributing money to applicants).
We have closed our first Optimy application cycle this Sunday and everything worked out well! One grantee from Israel has received an extended deadline (different reason) but for all the others it has worked very well and we have received feedback that it was intuitive and easy to navigate. This is great news for us! Thank you for your support!
We moved from manual work to digital with Optimy, which saves time for the whole team.
Clara Rigaud-Perut
Project Manager
The Optimy software is perfectly suited to our needs, especially for the management of the evaluation by our expert partners.
Elisabeth Riboud
Development Manager

Program Terms & Conditions

  • The standard Optimy T&Cs, SLA and DPA apply 
  • Min. contract term is 3 years 
  • Once approved, your application approval will remain valid for 3 months within which the offer needs to be signed. After these 3 months, your application approval will expire and you will need to re-apply. 
  • No custom or sponsor developments will be possible under this program.
  • Eligibility is re-evaluated at the end of each contract term. Eligibility is limited to one subscription per entity.
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